Many Amazon kindle users are frequently complaining that their E-reader keeps on restarting or rebooting again and again. This problem mainly results in frequent halting of Amazon kindle E-reader.

They have even taken kindle help from the website as well for the same but nothing has been achieved in this regard. Today, we will discuss this issue in detail and try to troubleshoot both the problems without taking any kindle support from the link.

When kindle freezes and won’t work

Let’s start with the discussion. When your kindle freezes and start restarting again and again then first try to update the firmware version of your Kindle device. If the problem still exists, then this is due to the improper installation of new software. In such case, either you can try the next solution or call at kindle customer service number.



This type of problem is common in Kindle 4, 3, and paperwhite versions. We will try to solve the problem through easy and simple way. So if your Kindle is frozen, then first try to refresh your firmware version. You can update the firmware through Kubrick software. This software can be easily burn into CD or to a flash disk with the help of USB ports. Another method to update a firmware is through the use of Freescale advanced Tool (FAT). You must restart your PC after the installation, to apply new changes. For more help and information, you can go to kindle com support link. Amazon kindle support both the procedures on all its kindle models.

How to fix frozen kindle

amazon-kindle-paperwhite-frozenIf you are using an old PC having window XP installed in it, then you won’t be able to install the Kubrick software in your PC. This is due to the limitation that window XP doesn’t not support USB 1.0 Kubrick software. You will keep on getting failure message on screen. Yes, if you really want to get rid of this problem, then you can install Freescale Advanced tool. You will surely get success in first attempt. So here I want to clarify you that you need a proper PC with updated windows to install any of the above mentioned procedures.

This method works not only on kindle 3, 4 and kindle 5 but also on kindle paperwhite as well. You don’t need to go to www kindle com support link for getting the device help. In case your problem is not yet fully solved, then the problem may not be in the firmware only, it may be in hardware as well.

How to troubleshoot restarting/rebooting problem of kindle

kindle-restarting-problemThe only solution to this problem, open the Kindle E-reader with the help of knife or screwdriver. Open the back cover firmly and push the cover and back frame apart with the help of soft hands. You will find that everything will be opened except the side buttons available on the kindle. You don’t need to take kindle fire support from the website.

If you find that all the three screws that hold the circuit board are dislodged, then this might result in the kindle failure. First screw them back onto the desired place and clear the circuit board with cotton cloth.

However, occasionally the problem lies within the original case as well. Sometimes, the amazon case short circuit the battery and results in break-up of connection from charging. As a result your kindle E-reader keep on discharging continuously. You must take care of paws. It must not come in contact with each other. Otherwise, it is risky. You should use the original case cover in place of inferior case cover to avoid any short circuit. To replace the cover, simply open the five screws from the case and remove the kindle case gently.