How to troubleshoot frozen or slow kindle fire tablet or kindle e-reader?

If you are facing up the frozen or slow bug on your kindle fire or kindle e-reader, then here is the way to get the support and the fixing way.  

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How are you doing with your Kindle fire or Kindle e-reader? There is no doubt that both kindle devices has marked up their position in the competitive market. Being the Amazon’s prime products, both the devices are rendering the perfect blend of e-reading with an amazing bunch of movies and apps, which is the key reason for the dynamic devices to perform in a better way.

Apart from the rendering of finest services, there are some of the instances when the fire tablet or the kindle e-reader gets the freezing issue, which hinders the way to access the tablet or the e-reader in a fine way.

Troubleshooting of Frozen Screen

Head on to slide and hold up the Power button for a time duration of 40 seconds, even after the screen goes blank, then let go. Head on to press or slide the power button to restart if the device doesn’t start up on its own.

If still, the screen is not showing any kind of response, plug in the device by using the USB cord or power adapter that came with the device. Just follow up the troubleshooting steps to optimize the device screen performance.

Here is the list of the troubleshooting steps with the potential bug:

  • Restart required- Restarting the device involves the completely turning off the device and then turning it on back again.

Restarting the device from the settings menu or the power dialog:

  • Fire tablets: Head on to press and hold the power button for around two to three seconds. After that simply click the Shutdown, OK, or Power off. After the device gets completely off, simply restart your fire tablet by pressing and holding the power button for two to three seconds.
  • Kindle e-readers- From the Home, choose Menu and then choose Settings. From the Settings, choose Menu again, and then choose Restart.
  • Old Software version- Ensure that your device has the latest software version on it. You can get in touch with professionals regarding finding and having the latest software version on the device. In order to easily find the latest software update, simply choose your appropriate device.
  • Download in the progress- If you are currently downloading the content on the device, it may be quite slow to respond until all downloads have been finished. It can also be slow after downloading a large amount of content.
  • The temperature of Device- Avoid using the device in extreme cold or hot temperature conditions.
  • Device accessories– If you have got a preventive screen or case, try out to remove it and test the device without it.
  • Multiple fire tablet apps running- If you got multiple apps running on your device, simply head to quit it.
  • Low battery bug– If the device battery is quite low, head on to charge the device for around 30 minutes, and then restart it.

If still get any kind of tech bug, simply navigate to Kindle Support for expert assistance and guidance.

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