If you’re an Amazon Fire tablet user, then we would like to tell that here we have some precise steps regarding how to fix specific app issue.

If we talk about the Amazon, then for sure you all heard this popular name. A perfect place whereon you can do shopping and how many of you heard the term Amazon Kindle? Well, let us tell that Amazon holds the series of e-readers under the name of Kindle and you will get the various versions of e-readers such as Amazon Kindle, Amazon Voyage, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Amazon Oasis. Amazon also offers series of the tablet under the tag of Fire. So if you want to go for the Fire tablets, then you’re most welcome to Amazon’s official site. As we know that Amazon grips many Fire tablets such as Fire HD, Fire HD 6, Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10 and Fire Kids edition etc. All these versions hold the marvelous functionality with amazing features, get the entertainment by spending some genuine amount.


Those who are already using these tablets are aware of the astonishing aspects of the device and being a user of the Fire tablet series if you find any technical mess then you can ring up the Kindle professionals and experts, you will get the precise Kindle Fire Support from them with the appropriate guideline. As we know that whether we talk about the Fire tablets or Kindle e-readers, both grips several issues but no need worry because all issues are resolvable. Many people are struggling with Fire tablet’s various technical messes such as the frozen screen, or accessing content etc. Now may we know how many of you are struggling with the technical mess of app issues? Well if you’re one of them no need to worry here we have the precise troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem. Rest you have the option of Kindle Help by getting in touch with Kindle professionals and experts.

Specific App Issues

Try to start your Fire tablet again:


  1. You need to press and hold the button of power for around two to three seconds unless you don’t see the message, “Do you want to shut down your file?” and then make a tap on OK.
  1. When you turned off the device completely, press the power button for two to three seconds so that you can turn on your Fire tablet again.

If still, you see no change in your app issue:

  1. You need to make a swipe down from the top of the screen and then make a tap on Settings, Apps & Games, Manage All Application and then All.
  1. Now efface the data, your caches, force stop or you can uninstall the application if you’re struggling with the trouble.

Keep that in mind that you cannot uninstall the Amazon application such as Silk browser from your device.

Important:  If you remove data, it won’t delete the app; however, saved info like game, score or account info may be lost or you need to enter again.

To immediately force stop an app via Task Switcher:


  1. In the navigation bar, you need to tap the square icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Now make a tap on X or swipe away a random item to force stop any the application.

So these are some facile and precise steps for you and if you unable to see any change in your app issue, then you can make a call on Kindle customer service number otherwise you can simply navigate to Kindle’s official website. The Kindle professionals will give an accurate technical Kindle Support. For latest updates and accurate technical succor you can stay tuned to Kindle site.