This blog is about the issues that people usually face with their Kindle Fire device. If you also own a Kindle Fire device then certainly you must be aware of the issues that can be faced during the initial setup and using your device for the first time. The company is providing the best in class customer care services that can be availed to get an instant support. Kindle support is provided by the expert team of experienced professionals of the company. So, if you can’t figure out things, you just need to connect with them.

Here are the various problems that you could often face:


Problem in updating the system software:

Many people often complaint that they are unable to update their device. This is a very small issue and can be resolved in a couple of minutes. You just need to go to Settings>Device Options>System Updates and then it will check for any available update. Once it has finished checking the updates you will be displayed with a message of the available update or it will display that your device is updated to the latest software. Make sure you click on the option describing for the available updates to update your device. The entire process will take some time to download the software and also to install it.


Ensure that you have a working internet connection before performing this task. It will also restart the device several times and once you are done with the device update you will be notified regarding the same. Detailed information is given on the website at www kindle com support.

Issues in updating the device from a Mac or Windows system:


If you want to update the device using your system then you may certainly face some issues that may be really annoying. For this you need to figure out some things that are causing any interrupt. The best way is to take the help of the service provider by visiting their website and check for guidelines for updating using PC.  Here is the perfect way to update using your PC/laptop. First of all you must connect your Kindle device to your system using the specified USB data cable and then you must ensure that you properly drag and drop the update file to the Kindle device’s drive. Make sure that you have placed the file in the actual root directory and not in any other folder on the device. Kindle help may be required in this task and the experts can be approached anytime.


After the transfer is completed you must disconnect the device from the PC/laptop. Now you have to take your Kindle device and from the Home screen you must go to Menu and then click Settings and then go to Update Your Kindle and click on the OK button. This is the best way of updating and eventually you will see the message stating “Your Kindle is now updating”. Kindle Fire Support provides detailed information regarding this thing and you can find a good helping stuff over their website.

Device fails to install update:


Sometimes it has been seen that the device fails to update. It may be caused due to some issues related with memory or due to some duplicate file existing on the Kindle device’s drive. For this, you must crosscheck the memory available on your device. If it is low on memory, ensure that you must arrange some memory by deleting some old stuff or useless applications and then retrying it. If you earlier tried to update the device with PC/laptop, and then make sure you have deleted the old file from the drive. This will surely help you out. For more information call the kindle customer service.