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Are you communicating fine with your MagicJack service? The company has been already marked up its place as the key VoIP service provider for all the U.S citizens. By rendering the free-of-cost communicating service, it has also become the top choice for all the U.S users out there.

With the growing technological aspect, the VoIP service has geared up its growing speed in a fine way.  Getting compared to the traditional telephone service, there are some of the customers who still believes that the traditional telephone service is way better than the VoIP service. But it’s actually not quite true, as, with the advancement of technology, the VoIP service has got improved and reliable than the traditional telephone service and ultimately gaining the number of fine users across the global boundaries.

In the list of all the users, if you are one of the new ones who is kicking start their calling experience with the amazing device, then do remember to register your device in order to get started. Head on the following steps to register the device.

Without PC/computer-

  • Firstly, you need to plug the magicJack into the power adaptor which you get with the device.
  • Now head on to plug the Ethernet cord which is provided into the magicJack.
  • Now you need to plug the other end of the Ethernet cord into the router or modem.
  • Head on to plug a telephone into the magicJack.
  • After that plug the power adaptor into a power outlet.
  • Then, go on to visit on the computer, smartphone or tablet.

Important Note: Your smartphone, tablet or computer must be linked to the same network as the magicJack in order to complete the whole registration process in a fine way.

magicjack support

With a Computer-

  • The first thing which you need to do is to plug the magicJack into the USB port of the computer (MAC or PC).
  1. If you are accessing a MAC, double-tap on the magicJack icon when it gets appears on the computer screen.
  2. In the case, if you are using up a PC, then the magicJack software will get load automatically.
  3. In the fine magicJack SoftPhone’s left window, tap on the “Click to Register”.
  • Simply head on to follow up all the onscreen instructions to register with all your personal information. During the time of registration process, you will get the fine option to choose a number.

By applying the whole process, it will be quite easy for all the US users to kick start communicating with their relatives, friends, and family in a fine way. In the case, if you get any kind of tech bug with the device, just navigate to magicJack Support for expert assistance and guidance.