How to read EPUB files on your Kindle device

Wondering that will you be able to read EPUB format files on your Kindle, then Calibre tool is of great help which converts EPUB files to MOBI files which are readable on your Kindle.

EPUB format is an e-book file format which is used for sharing books among different readers and this makes life of the reader easy and they easily exchange their reading stuff. However, so far Kindle doesn’t support EPUB format. Like other brands that fully support this format why Kindle is restricting itself so there has to be some reason for this. Well, Kindle users will be happy to know that despite of this constraint Kindle users will still be able to read books in EPUB format but they have to find some other way to get through it.

Moreover, there is a ebook management and conversion tool which enables users to port the EPUB books over to Kindle devices without any hassle .Here we are going to know about this tool in detail and how it can help in reading EPUB format ebooks on Kindle.

If you have a Kindle then you might think it restrains you from using open-source ebook format such as EPUB but not anymore because certain tools like Calibre are available which will allow you to read EPUB files. This tool simply converts EPUB files into MOBI files and these MOBI files are readable on your device. This is the tool you must have for your Kindle. Follow below guidelines to use this tool.

  1. First of all you have to download and install Calibre or to know you can visit www Kindle com support.
  2. After installing the tool run it for the first time. Calibre will ask you about language, right folder and other things. Select folder to be used as eBook library after that you need to choose main reader.
  3. Now choose books that you need to add from the main screen by just clicking the large icon on the top left corner. You can further add EPUB files that you want to convert.
  4. Now after selecting the EPUB files click on “Convert Books”. Plus you can follow some process on your Kindle Fire as well but in case you get stuck get in touch with Kindle fire support.
  5. However, if you choose Kindle as main reader then Calibre will automatically choose MOBI format during the conversation. Basic setup is enough for EPUB files. Once done go to the bottom right of the page and click “OK”
  6. This process won’t consume your lot time and you’ll be able to send converted file by just selecting “Connect or share” option.

If you feel that your Kindle device is not working properly after the installation of Calibre then you take Amazon kindle support and you will be given the appropriate solution for your problem.

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