How To Lend Or Borrow Kindle Books From Kindle 8th Generation?

We will discuss that how you can lend or borrow the books easily from the kindle store on your kindle 8th generation device in this blog post. Just go through the process explained below for your ease. 

Kindle E-reader is a best source of reading an E-books online. There is no other gadget comfortable and reliable than it. This device is simple and easily available on all the online stores as well as on the retail stores of amazon. The ingenuously built kindle 8th generation E-reader serves the purpose of reading as well as accessing the latest stuffs through videos and web surfing. The books are available online on the kindle book store. You can take kindle help for accessing the books. Kindle support almost every type of genre in its book log. You will find all types of books in the kindle library.

Now we will discuss how you can loan a book to your friend:

The book can be loaned through the product detail page of amazon from where you have purchased the book. It must be remembered that you will not able to read the book until it is loaned to someone.

How to loan?

  • Go to the kindle store from the pc or laptop and visit the page on which the book title that you want to loan is given. You can take help from www kindle com support in locating the book.
  • Click on loan this book after finding it. You will now be directed to ‘loan this book’ page.
  • Enter the address of the receiver and message if needed. The notification message must be sent to the personal mail address but not to the kindle account address.
  • Click on ‘send’ now option. If any problem arises take help from kindle customer service
  • If the recipient does not accept the book then it will return back after seven days. You can read the contents of the book then.

Loan via manage your contents and devices

You can loan the book eligible for the loaning through page. Keep this thing in mind that you will not able to read the book until it is loaned.

 How to loan

  1. Open manage your contents and devices on the kindle. Take Amazon kindle support from there on the screen.
  2. Select the action relevant to the title that you want to loan. Loan this title. If the option is unavailable then this option will look virtual on the screen.
  3. Accomplish the mail address of the receiver followed by notification message send to the personal email address. The notification message must be sent separately.
  4. Click on send menu option.

Borrow from friend

You can borrow a kindle book from a friend also if you like the particular book on his kindle. When you received the book through the email then you can download it in your amazon kindle. If there is need of any help you can go to kindle com support from the internet. The help is common for fire tablet and supported reading app.

How to download

  1. Open the email id on which you received a book.
  2. Click on ‘get a loan book’. Your browser will launch the book automatically.
  3. Log into amazon account for authentication.
  4. You will be asked to enter the choice of your kindle fire tablet on which you want to receive and accept the book. Kindle fire support for any type of help is available on the internet.
  5. If the device is other than the kindle fire tablet than follow the onscreen instructions and click on ‘accept loaned book’.

Returning a book

The process for returning a book is:

  1. Go to manage your content and devices option.
  2. Select ‘delete from library’ under action button.

Confirm the deletion by clicking on ‘yes’

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