How To Jailbreak Kindle To Enable All The Functions?

Kindle is an electronic device developed by online retailer company ‘Amazon’. It is meant for those who have deep feeling and interest in reading. It’s an e-reader that offers you comfortable and smooth reading experience.

You will now able to unlock all pretty cool capabilities of your kindle device. However it is lengthy but it’s quite easy to jailbreak your kindle. This capability is available for all models. You will enjoy change in appearance and lot more features in your kindle device with jailbreak.

Reasons for jailbreak:  

The main reason of jailbreak is that you can able to customize your screensavers and able to read the PDF files through much advanced PDF reader.

The specific reason for using jailbreak feature is that I can easily apply the wallpaper of my current e-book cover page instead of dumb pictures available by default. Through jail break you can add more font styles, VNC clients and video players. You can also update your reader file by adding more novel writers in your library. Step by step instructions for downloading and installing jailbreak in your kindle are given below.

  1. Save your device data and then restore to factory setting: First backup your data on computer before doing factory reset. The data once backup will be easily restored through your registered amazon account. After completing the backup process, go to factory reset option. Steps to perform back up are:
  • Plug the kindle device into the computer with the help of USB cable.
  • Select the contents that you want to transfer to computer for backup.

After the completion of data transfer. Plug out kindle from computer. Restore the kindle to default factory settings. This will delete your data from device completely.

  1. Downgrade your device: To downgrade don’t update kindle fireOnce you accomplished with the jailbreak you can do amazon kindle update. Go to the settings and find the serial no of your kindle from device info menu. For downgrading, simply download BIN file on your computer from kindle website and paste it into your kindle via USB cable. Repeat the process for no of times. For update go to settings again from your kindle and click on ‘update my kindle ‘. For any kindle fire support, you can head to official website of Amazon kindle.

3.Installation: Download the newest version of delay file in your computer. Before    downloading this file you need to download kindle app on your PC. After downloaded,  paste the file in the directory of kindle. Unplug your kindle from computer. On the    normal search bar enter installhtml and click on it. Once completed you will see ‘  ‘jailbreak’ message on screen. It’s easier for Paperwhite 2 users to get jailbreak in their  device than any other models. Procedure for Paperwhite 2 users is:

  • Download ZIP file from mobile read site.
  • Unzip the file and paste the contents onto the root folder of your kindle.
  • Install an update after unplugging the kindle from computer.
  1. Updating kindle: Update kindle with latest firmware manually after installing jailbreak. The procedure for updating kindle is:
  • Visit the official website and download the latest firmware.
  • 8.1 is latest firmware version these days
  • Connect the kindle with computer to transfer the update file onto your kindle root directory.
  • After transfer, unplug the kindle.
  • Kindle will automatically install the recently updated version pasted in root directory when you tap on update kindle option.
  1. Extension for software installation: You need to download and install the extension for MRPI and kindle unified launcher, in order to unpack and install all third party apps and software that you copied through jailbreak.

This way you can utilize the most with your best e-reader and enjoy the best experience by using it.

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