How to install magicJack Plus?

As we all are aware of magicJack, and if you’re new to this amazing device and don’t know the exact steps of installing magicJack Plus then you can follow these simple steps. Once take a glimpse at these steps and use your magicJack for free calling (The United States and Canada). You can also get in touch with professionals for the best guidance.

  1. Computer

  • The first step is so simple you just need to make a connection between your system and magicJack with the help of provided USB cable.
  • Now take the phone cable and make a connection between your magicJack and telephone. Now wait for a while, your device will recognize your system automatically and you will be able to see the installation setup wizard.
  • iOS or Mac OS X users can click twice on magicJack Plus on your Home screen, this will let you start the installation.
  • Now wisely follow the instructions so you can register your magicJack plus.
  • Fill up the credentials to continue the procedure of registration and terms and condition need to be accepted.
  • Check out your email, there you will get the activation code. If you have got the code then fill it out and step ahead if not then try again.
  • After completion of the procedure, you’re ready to make calls from your magciJack. For any useful information and help, you’re always free to contact professionals.
  1. Internet Router

  • Simply you need to make a connection between your magicJack and power adapter with the help of USB cable.
  • Take out the ethernet cable so you can make the connection between magicJack and internet router.
  • Now connect the device to your phone with the help of USB cable. Afterward, power adapter needs to be connected to power source.
  • You need to navigate the original site of magicJack so you can full fill the procedure of registration. Remember your magicJack should be on the similar network.
  • To complete the procedure of registration you need to follow the instructions shown on screen and you also have to provide your personal information such as contact number and address.
  • Now you need to fill the activation code which you will get on your email. Check your mail for the activation code.
  • After completion all steps, you are now ready to use your magicJack Plus.
  • For any useful information or any technical support, you can make a call on MagicJack Customer Service number.


  • You have to make sure that your router supports your magicJack or not because some routers don’t support or work with magicJack Plus. If you’re struggling with the issue of error 3002 then you need to get in touch with professionals.
  • If you find any difficulty in the process of installation then you need to try third-party drivers. Still, if you see no positive result in your issue then you need to contact professionals.

If your system or router unable to detect magicJack then you need to take a help of the Ethernet cable. Sometimes flawed hardware can become the reason of such issues. For more assistance, you’re free to get in touch with professionals.

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