How to install Google Play store on Kindle Fire tablet?

How are you doing with your Kindle Fire? Being one of the prime products of Amazon, the Kindle Fire has actually got layered by so much skin, that it is really difficult for the users to access the Android applications on their handset.  In the recompense, Amazon renders its own app store suggestion, calling it simply as Amazon app store, which holds up the number of 600 apps.

Having access to so many apps, the old Kindle Fire devices can easily found the latest purpose by simply installing the Google Play store. And installing the play store is actually not very hard to do. Let’s get to the steps to install the play store on the Kindle Fire tablet.

  • The first thing which you will require is to get the ADB tool installed on the computer/PC which will be accessed for the whole operation.
  • After the installation of ADB tool, one another tool which is required is the SuperTool. This important tool created and developed by RootJunky will play a crucial role in getting the play store easily installed on the Kindle Fire. Note that the contents of the Amazon Fire 5th generation SuperTool must be get copied into the installation directory of ADB.
  • The next will needs the activation of the tablet’s Developer’s option. In order to get there, users will require tapping quickly on the Serial number under the Device options from the Settings. Once that is quickly done, users must use the latest appeared USB computer connection section and setting it to the PTP camera. Once that is completed, ADB should get enabled. (There you will get an Enable ADB option after simply pressing “Back”).
  • After the users ensure that the screen sleep of the device has been set to 10 minutes, they can easily link it to the computer.
  • Lastly, all the users will just need to install the Google Play services on the Kindle Fire.

For Windows

Users easily have to unlock the batch file named 1-Amazon-Fire-5th gen.

For Mac

The whole process seems to be a problem for the Mac to unlock a Terminal instance as well as the _MACOSX folder. Now they will need to enter the chmod 755, then enter the space and drag._ 3 – in the terminal. After that, you will require pressing the enter button to get the installed tool looking for the ADB service.

  • You will witness a menu button next to the many paths and options to follow. Pressing the second one will easily install the Google Play store.
  • In order to complete the installation, simply confirm all the prompts that you get on the screen.
  • After the installation gets completed, all users will require to restart their tablets and then install the Google Play services. This action will simply lead to download and install the apps by using up their newly installed play store.

If get any kind of tech bug or issue with your fire tablet, then navigate to Kindle Fire support for expert assistance and solutions.

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