How to get Kindle Library on iPad

Kindle library is a huge library which provides best ebooks and with Kindle app you can read these ebooks if you don’t have Kindle device as well and Kindle help can help you to understand the process further.

Kindle is a compatible device which is compatible with Android devices and well as iOS devices. If you have recently purchased an iPad and want to transfer all of your Kindle books to your iPad then you need to follow a simple procedure and you can accomplish this task easily.

  1. First of all download Kindle app for iPad and log in with your same Amazon Account credentials which you use to buy your books on your e-reader. You will see all the kindle books that you have bought when you tap cloud tab at the bottom of All the items screen. Now tap the book cover you want to download from the Amazon’s Cloud to your iPad’s Kindle library. Now check the books that you have downloaded to your iPad by tapping the Device tab which is present at the bottom of the All items screen.
  2. However, the Kindle app for iPad lacks a Buy button for directing purchasing books. And to purchase these amazon suggests using iPad’s Safari browser. Simple open safari and enter Now login your Amazon account and tap the share button on the right side of the address bar. Simply select Add to Home screen to create a bookmark for Kindle store .This icon can be used for book shopping. If you want to buy a book you can simply tap the Buy button then Read Now button to automatically download the book and then open it in iPad Kindle app.
  3. Also, when you buy books on Amazon’s official site then you can get your books delivered on your iPad all you need to do is log into Manage Your Content and Device page at, enter a password and then select the book which you want to send to your iPad. Simply click the deliver link and select your iPad from the device list and now tap the deliver button the book will get transferred to your iPad device.

We hope that with above steps you will be able to send ebooks from your Kindle library to your iPad then you can take Kindle support for better solution.

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