Kindle fire tablet has now become a common personal gadget for most people. They use it mainly for reading purpose. Moreover, some of them use this device for watching videos, streaming music files and search web contents over internet. Today, we are going to fix an issue that is quite common with kindle users. All of us already know about amazon video playback issue. We are going to discuss its troubleshooting steps.


We all know about the features and functionalities of our kindle fire tablets but when it comes to the troubleshooting part then some of us remain quiet and not able to diagnose and fix the problem properly. Today in this blog post, we are going to tell you the troubleshooting steps of most common issue that is reported in almost 50 % of kindle fire tablets. Watching videos on kindle fire tablet makes you feel pleasure because of its display screen size and quality of display is much advanced and best in terms of performance. You will feel difference in watching the same video over the smartphone and on the fire tablet. The problem here is that what will you do if you are not able to watch the video on tablet screen? Either you take kindle help from the friend or colleague or contact kindle com support link for the same. Sometimes you will able to get success but sometimes not. Don’t worry, permanent solution is available now for you. You just have to follow the simple steps for this. The steps for fixing this problem are discussed here as under.


  1. Restart the device: Your kindle fire tablet is connected to the router wirelessly for an internet connection. Sometimes, the connection time is lost or out. This happens due to poor network connection or low bandwidth. In this case, you need to restart all the device in order to re-instate the previous condition. First switch off the devices and keep it off for 10 seconds. Now turn on the device one by one after gap of certain seconds from each other. Kindle support all types of routers generally, but there are some particular one’s that have good compatibility with it. Restarting your connected device may help in resolving the video playback issue.
  2. Check the latest software version: You must keep on checking the latest update if available for your device OS. For this there is need to go to www kindle com support. Simply read the following path discussed below and implement it on your device.
  • Open the settings from the flag available on the top of tablet screen.
  • Open the device option menu and look for system update option under it.
  1. Clear the temporary application data: clearing of temporary data from the app is necessary for fixing these types of issues. This clearance will delete all the downloaded data related to the app. The process for clearing the data is little bit different for different models. We are going to discuss the process for each device. There is no need to take Amazon kindle support from the official website.

Process for kindle 1st generation devices

  1. Go to settings and open ‘more’ option.
  2. Click on apps and select the all application menu under it.
  3. Look for amazon video app and click on it.
  4. You will find options like force stop and clear data. Click on clear data option.
  5. Data will get clear. Try playing the videos now with the app.


Kindle fire HD and HDX model tablets

  1. Swipe the menu flag down with the help of touching screen from the top.
  2. Open settings and, then on more.
  3. Open application> all applications> manage apps.
  4. Click on clear data after opening the video app from the list of apps.
  5. Restart the device and now play videos through it.

Fire HD and HDX devices

  1. All the steps for clearing the data from the HD and HDX devices is same as that of former one’s. Yes, in case of any help, you can call at kindle customer service number available on website.

For more information and support related to video playback issue, go to kindle fire support web link from your web browser.