How to convert the Kindle eBooks to a Word format?

Besides converting the Kindle eBooks to an AZW format, there are many other eBooks which have DRM installed in it. To fix up the DRM problem, you can simply convert the eBook into a word format in an easy way.

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How are you doing with your fine e-reading device? The dynamic Kindle device has already been the top player in the category of e-reading devices. With astonishing features and dazzling services, the e-reading device has been the key factor to grab the eyeballs of potential users across the different boundaries.

Under the astounding kindle library, there are several eBooks under the different titles which have provided the ultimate e-reading experience to all the users. You must have been experienced that the file on the kindle has to get converted into the Amazon’s .azw format which is the basic format of the e-reading device. But, there are some instances, when you purchased any other eBook from any other publisher, it usually contains the DRM installed, which actually prevents the altering the content of the eBook in any way. Besides this, it also contains the option to convert the eBooks into the word format. The excessive modifying the files on the e-reading device can also lead to losing them. Now let’s get onto the way to convert the kindle file into Word.

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  • The first thing which you need to do is to download the .azw file on your PC. After that unlock it by double-tapping. The PC should suggest any program read the file. If it is possible, then move on to the top right corner of the program to “File” and then head to “Save As”. In all the listed formats, simply select the .doc if the format is available.
  • Simply try to unlock the file by using any Text editor or Notepad. If you are able to read the file then you would be able to copy the unformatted text into a fine new word document and then save it as a .doc.
  • The third thing which you need to do is to download the Calibre Conversion tool. The tool provides many conversion options. Well, the kindle files who have got the .azw format can’t be able to get converted due to the Amazon’s restrictions. But, if you are able to save the document as PDF MOBI, then the converter can easily change it to .doc.
  • In case, if the document you are willing to convert is your own work, then you can head on to www Kindle Com Support to get the word-friendly copy and to resolve the bugs. In future, do make sure that the document has been saved under the new name when trying a conversion to tackle the risk of losing the copy in that format. In this you will be able to enjoy your all favorite eBooks into the word format.

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