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Kindle has been the popular device among the people and comes in many variants. This blog will help you to choose the best Kindle out in the market.

Well, you want to explore the world of ebooks and Kindle introduce you deeply to this world with its amazing Kindle variants. So you want to step further and owe a Kindle for yourself then this guide will give you deep insight into all the pros and cons of the Kindle models. Hopefully, you will not be in any kind of dilemma after reading this blog and will be able to choose your digital companion which is ideal for reading.

 First of all, let me introduce The Kindle

the-kindleThe Kindle is Amazon’s base model and it is perfect for you if you are looking for the advanced features like LED’s and high resolution. It lacks high-resolution screen and doesn’t have any back-lights too but there is something more to this device.

It is light weight and you can slip it right into your bag or carry it in your beach bag. Further, all Kindle has an e-ink screen and that means it won’t be affected by sun glare.

Plus Kindle is capable enough to carry a big library of books. It has long battery life and comes in two colors. If you feel comfortable to read with lights on then Amazon’s basic Kindle would be a good choice and it also comes at reasonable price i.e. $79.99 and is available on Amazon.

Kindle Paperwhite:

the-kindle-paperwhiteAmazon took it one step ahead and introduced Kindle Paperwhite. Further, it is equipped with a double screen resolution that will make text stand out. It has a back light in-built so you need not switch on your lamp at night to read your Kindle. You can also get a version of Kindle Paperwhite with in-built 3 G networking. It comes handy when you are don’t have Wi-Fi and want to download a book you can do it easily with this kindle or you can take Kindle help. It comes with unlimited free access to 3 G data.

Though it is bit heavier and bigger than the standard Kindle but if you are fond of reading at night and want to buy books anywhere then it could be an ideal choice for you.

Kindle Paperwhite is already available at Amazon at $119.99.

The Kindle Voyage

Kindle Voyage has further upgraded version of Kindle and is the ultimate version of Kindle Paperwhite.


For proper lighting it has two additional back lights which distribute light more evenly on the screen and light sensor is also present at the front which detects the room brightness. By using this sensor The Kindle Voyage can adjust itself to provide the best reading.

Further, if you look at the side bezels buttons are located which when pressed can turn the page without a swipe. The Voyage is configured to support Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi +3G.

It is priced quite a big but if you are really fond of Kindle family then this is for you as you’ll be able to read your Kindle library with much ease than ever before.

If you want to have your device right now visit Amazon and grab it at $199.99.

The Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis is the latest and top most device of Kindle and in some way or the other, it is more book-like.


It comes with same size and resolution but the main difference lies in the design of Kindle Oasis. It is not rectangular slab but it has a tapered back and with a good grip which makes it easy to hold. It has a long battery backup as its battery last for months not weeks.

Kindle Oasis comes with a “charger cover” that protect the Kindle but can also be charged and it provide more battery life to Kindle Oasis than its own internal battery.

It is 6’’reader and the most talked Kindle having double battery life. If you are looking for something that has all the features that e-reader should have and not worried about the price then nothing can beat Kindle Oasis. Also, by navigating to Amazon Kindle com support you will get the precise succor.

Kindle Oasis is available at Amazon at $289.99.

All these Kindle’s will definitely amaze you once you’ll try them.


  1. I have charged my devise and put info in and did a sync of books and left for 4 days and came back and my kindle seems to be frozen with a book title. I can’t even find how to turn off I desperately need help