How to change the Font Size on the Kindle Paperwhite Model?

  1. Switch on the Kindle with the help of power button.
  2. Swipe to unlock the kindle screen. If you have setup a screen password lock, then enter the security code in the required field. If you forget your unlock password, then go to kindle com supportlink to reset the password.
  3. Click on the Top of the screen and select the ‘aa’ graphic type.
  4. Select the font according to your preference and desire. For your information, it is recommended to use caecilian font that is little larger than the futura one and is easier to read with the naked Helvetica, another font in the Kindle is a bit bolder than the other font style. For more help and support related to font size and style, go to kindle helplink from the device and search for fonts.

This is an old method to adjust the Font size on your Kindle paperwhite model. If you have owned a smartphone and want to adjust the font size that appeals your eye, then the new method, which we are going to discuss now will work best on your device.

The new method to change the font size is:

  1. Switch on the kindle device.
  2. Click on the screen to unlock the device.
  3. Open the book and go to the current font style you are using.
  4. To enhance the size of the font, simply slide the thumb and index finger away from one another on the Kindle device’s screen and you are going to find that the text has gotten zoomed automatically by 1 degree.
  5. To zoom out from the present screen, move the finger and thumb towards each other in a pinching motion. If you find any problem in between, go to www kindle com supportlink and search for the same issue.

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