How magicJack is beneficial for Small Business Phone?

Did you know that many business owners spend hundreds of dollars 30 days just have a dial tone? Landline phone service is overpriced and low on aspects. And many VoIP givers charge too much without counting all the aspects. magicJack for BUSINESS provides your company a chance to save money on small business phone service that other suppliers facilely can’t. We have invincible pricing because we directed VoIP, so we own our own switch and server: we pass on the savings to you. For more useful information you’re free to make a call on Magic Jack Customer Service number.

Small Business VoIP Savings

Voice over the Internet for small business can provide business huge savings over both plain previous telephone service and other VoIP plans. In fact, we’re 63% less costly than average vital VoIP providers.

Internet phone service permits you to grow communication efficiency and project a professional image with your workers and your recent and future customers. magicJack for BUSINESS provides small businesses facilely DIY setup and unmatched customers service, offering a stress-free path to save- and the advantages don’t stop there.

Easy Setup

Not only magicJack for BUSINESS the ideal value in VoIP for small business, it also provides exceptional ease of use. All you require is an internet connection and the IP phone offered. You can take a glimpse at five-minute DIY phone setup video or simply take Magicjack Support from professionals.

Feature Packed Business Phone Plans

Our business phone plans feature: 3-way calling, voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, unlimited calling in the U.S. can Canada, e911 service (Improved 911), free conference bridge and conference number, 24 hours US-based Magicjack Help, music on hold, DND, improved call forwarding, caller ID blocking, call transfer, and expansion dialing. Premium counts: inbound and outbound virtual fax, auto attendant, work groups, online call logs, and mobile buddy app with more aspects coming soon.

International Calling

Enjoy the unlimited calling in the U.S> and Canada counted with your plan. Any business with a U.S. delivering address is eligible for our phone plans. The low international call prices permit you to call people virtually anywhere in the world.

Hold Conference Calls from Anywhere, with Anyone

A free conference bridge makes you facilely hold conference calls from anywhere. Small business can use this aspect to link remote employees from many locations. Meet with colleagues over the phone from house, office or some other area.

Bring Your Number with You (Porting)

I you already have an established number in use for your business, no worries, you don’t have to change it. magicJack for BUSINESS can send or port your number to your fresh phone for a little fee. If you have a magicJackGO number, we can facilely transfer that to BUSINESS and upgrade your residential service.

Bottom Line

Costs are the top foe of a business. Magic Jack for BUSINESS offers a reliable, efficient alternative to costly phone bills and it’s covered with time-saving business aspects such as auto attendant, virtual fax, and enhanced call forwarding with desk only, simultaneous and sequential ring, and forward to a smartphone. Choose from two reasonable business VoIP plans and project a professional picture with your employees and customers.

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