How Can I Read Free Books On The Kindle?

kindlesupporthelp image 4Though there are millions of books on the Kindle, which you can check at kindle store. You can also take the help of a specialised Amazon Kindle support also help users find those books, though all of them are not free.
If you go through the Kindle Help section, you can find and read the FAQ which clearly describes how some books are freebies while others are paid. There are further many traditions in which you can read paid books at absolutely free of cost.

Steps Many a times, especially on black Friday sale or many other sales, high priced books come down to dirt cheap prices, which are second to being free, one can buy books at that time and read them free later
Secondly, if any of your friends have bought a book in their kindle after they read it you can borrow their account and login to your device, download the book in local storage and then logout and that way you too can read that book
Earlier, Kindle devices had an ability to side load books from other sources and you can manipulate that ability to read books free

Though like people jailbreak their phones they try to override kindle’s security services and hack it to side load apps and books, though doing this you won’t be liable to get any future support and service from Kindle support or just getting in touch with the Kindle Fire support.

Though Kindle com support exists for 3rd party apps and Kindle help section alone is enough to guide you through all the essentials you need with your Kindle paperweight and many other Kindle devices. You wouldn’t even need to call Amazon customer service phone number or email though if you side load books or download pirated apps in Kindle you are not liable to get any support.

So, the best way to get the most out of your kindle is not to tamper with hardware and software no matter the online self-help guides or Pirate websites claim that warranty won’t be voided.

Try to use legitimate methods to read and load books on your Kindle by the borrowed account syncing, buying them cheap or using older, obsolete Kindle devices so even if they get damaged the damage to your pocket is minimized.
If one has extended their Kindle’s warranty by paying more money for the next 2 years, even that warranty will be surely voided.

Present Kindle devices are programmed to send feedback to amazon and they send reports of your purchases and apps and books you have on your Kindle. If any suspicious activity is seen, then your account might be suspended with immediate effect even without intimating you thus nullifying even your legitimate purchases and book collection. To know more about it, you can log on to www Kindle com support.

If last year’s kindle sale is taken into consideration many good books were given for free with other books or with ad placement on their every page on one side. So it might be possible that this year’s sale might bring more deals thus putting less pressure on your pocket.