Amazon has recently launched Kindle Oasis with dedicated kindle support, the latest flagship which has killer features and has specs off the charts. It has many features which have not been seen in any kindle ever. However, an unnamed company testes this device for FCC which has not been mentioned anywhere on amazon kindle support. This company has no web presence, no code name as it is a new company.

find-your-match_tbueThey tested that the chipset used in Kindle Oasis holds a Bluetooth radio which is surely not accepted by kindle help representatives. Its Wireless chipset not only does have a Wi-Fi receiver, which we all know it has, but also Bluetooth radio. However as amazon says and endorses, Bluetooth is not a feature in spec list of kindle as seen on www kindle com support page of amazon.

Either amazon does not want to pay money to license this software or it is hiding this feature for an OTA update. The chipset has Bluetooth just as kindle fire as model number was confirmed from kindle fire support and certainly can be used for a variety of purposes. It can connect to a Bluetooth speaker for audible or could connect to a Bluetooth keyboard for typing. Certainly the first party is silent on it as asked many times on kindle com support.

We will have to see how tables turn for amazon on this Bluetooth feature anticipation. This has been released exclusively by The Digital ReaderAmazon customer service phone number executives claim that Bluetooth claims are just hoaxes.