Google Pixel Setup Help And Support

US Remote Support proudly added one more device into the list of devices that it offers support for. The name of the device is ‘Google Pixel’, and it is the first smartphone launched by the tech giant ‘Google. US Remote Support is one of the few reputed Google Pixel support providers in the world that have a comprehensive knowledge about the device, thus ensuring effective support. Google Pixel is known to have some of the most advanced features from smartphone standards, but the highlighting features are, presence of Google Assistant, which is a built-in feature and unlimited storage for photos and videos. Both these features will offer more convenience and better functionality to the users.

Google Pixel

US Remote Support boasts its ability to deliver first ever Google Pixel Guide in which all the details regarding the device will be mentioned in an easy-to-understand language. This guide will help you go through Google Pixel setup, which is another important part in the whole scenario. Though, there is nothing much that needs to be done in the setting up process except following the instructions that appear on the screen of the phone. The main process starts when it comes to transferring of data from previous phone to Google Pixel, as that could be a bit tricky.

We at US Remote Support will make sure that Google Pixel com setup process takes place smoothly. The reason why we are so proficient in every single aspect of this new smartphone is because we have thoroughly analysed and operated this smartphone, therefore, we know what could trigger a problem in Google Pixel, and how to sort it out. To operate the device smoothly, you will have to make sure that it has been properly installed.

Transfer of data: The whole process explained

  1. Google Pixel supports only Nano SIM Card, so make sure that you have one with you.
  1. Your previous phone must be fully updated, as it will further make the transferring of data smoother.
  2. Both smartphones should be 100% charged. This will avoid the chances of any interruption while data transfer.
  1. Keep quick switch adapter of Google Pixel close as you’ll be requiring it at any time.
  1. Also, keep the data cable of old smartphone close in order to transfer the data.

The process of transferring of data is different for Android device than it is for iOS device. The same can be said for BlackBerry and Windows based smartphones. So, if you are finding it difficult to transfer data, then you must take Google Pixel com support.

There is an option to setup the device as new, and if you want to choose this option, then you can do so at the very first screen that you see after turning on the smartphone. There will be an option, i.e., ‘set up as new’, which you need to select. You can also personalize your smartphone by tapping ‘personalizing your smartphone’ option.

US Remote Support offers the best Google Pixel help regardless of whether the issue is related to hardware or software. So, get in touch with our support today!