Google Home Setup Help And Support

US Remote Support is an exceptional help and support center for all the trending electronic devices and apps. US Remote Support is one of the few companies that has launched an official support for Google Home, a new voice-activated speaker by Google, which is powered by Google Assistant. It is a brand new device that has just rolled in, and US Remote Support has already made arranges to provide support for the same.

Google Home

With the launch of Google Home into the market globally, people have now an option to select, which voice assistant to buy. It doesn’t matter which device they choose, Google Home or Amazon Echo, US Remote Support is going to give them efficient and long-lasting support. For those who are worried whether they will get Google Home support at the time when they come across any weird issue, then US Remote Support is a perfect answer for them. To enable Google Home so that it listens and responds to your commands, you have to say the magic word, i.e., ‘OK Google’. Then, you can give any command to the device, and it will fulfil it accordingly.

Prior to using Google Home, you will have to perform Google Home setup process, which includes a few steps. US Remote Support eases things for you by providing steps to setup Google Home in an easy-to-understand language.

How to setup Google Home:

There are a few things that you need to check before starting-off with the setting up process. These are;

  1. A working Google Home device.
  2. Google Home app downloaded and installed on your smartphone.
  3. Google account.
  4. A smartphone.
  5. A working internet connection.

    The setting up process:

  1. Plug-in your Google Home device.
  2. If you are using an Android device, then download Google Home app from Google Play Store. If you are using iOS device, then get the app from Apple App store.
  3. Keep in mind that Google Home must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network on which the smartphone or tablet that you are using is connected. Though, this process will come later on.
  4. Launch Google Home app in your smartphone.
  5. Accept the user agreement and privacy policy.
  6. Tap ‘Google Home app’ to start searching and setting up nearby devices. It is important to turn on the location and also allowing Google Home app to use it.
  7. If your Google Home device has been plugged into the wall outlet, then the app will find it.
  8. Select your device from the list, and if there is just single device appearing on the screen, then tap it.
  9. After the app has been connected to Google Home device, it plays a test sound as a confirmation.
  10. Select room where your device is currently located. This will help you locate the device at the time of casting.
  11. Now, connect your Google Home to the Wi-Fi network. After it is done, tap ‘continue’.

This sums up the Google Home com setup process. Though the process may seem easy to perform, yet many people will not be able to successfully setup Google Home device. For them, the only option left is Google Home com support, which is provided by us.

US Remote Support would like to give an assurance to all the users who are using Google Home device that if there is any issue in the device, then we offer the most conscientious Google Home help. Get in touch with our help and support providers to resolve all the issues befalling Google Home.