Glowing Blue Edges’ In Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

When a new device gets launched into the market, there are either of two things that could happen, the device will either be a blockbuster hit or will succumb to technical glitches. There are only a few devices, which have revived after getting early shocks. Kindle Fire HDX is one such device, which got into the news for a problem related to display of the device.

Kindle Fire HDX is a 7-inch device that was launched more than three years ago. As soon as the device was launched, there were immediate complaints that the majority of devices displayed a weird blue glow around the edges of the device’s screen. When Amazon was notified about this issue, the representatives from the company immediately responded to the customers saying that it is a defect and people who are facing this issue can get their respective devices exchanged. But, Amazon Kindle support told a different thing altogether, i.e., the device is supposed to look like this one, and the blue light is not an issue.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

People have reported on various forums that they are seeing a blue glow on all the corners of the screens. Though the glow is not that clearly visible normally, but when there is a white background, then one can clearly see that there is a blue glow around the corners of the screen. They can take Kindle Fire support help to find a resolution for this so called problem.The glow is equally present on all edges of the screen, and it feels as if the backlight is bleeding. This issue is common in LCD screens, but people are not able to find out that why the color is blue. Amazon didn’t waste any time and out rightly clarified the issue that this is not an issue, but a feature instead.

The company has told that the blue tint is an outcome of a decent, old-school backlight bleed. The reason why it is blue is simply due to the fact that the company has chosen blue LEDs as the backlight rather than white LEDs. If the reports from the company are to be considered, then the blue color is more accurate and also helps reduce the weight of the device and improve battery life. As a result, the backlight bleed is more evident. People can know more about this issue at Kindle com support website.

Glowing Blue Edges’ Kindle Fire HDX

It is to be noted that not all the panels have the similar kind of backlight bleed. Due to this, the blue fringe has been noticed by some people, whereas, some couldn’t notice anything. There is no need for people to worry thinking about Blue light because it will not affect the operation at all. They can call at Amazon Kindle customer service for more details. It is just a blue light, which glows in the background, and is visible in the corners of the screen.

There is nothing more about this light. This blue light also means that this is how Kindle Fire devices are going to work from now on. There is no need for people to get in touch with www Kindle com support in order to get a resolution for the issue because there isn’t any available. There isn’t any problem, so how could there be any solution. Writing to Amazon is of no use. Users can just pray that their Kindle Fire HDX doesn’t have a vivid blue backlight bleed. They have to accept the device as for how it currently looks. Kindle support will not be able to help since it is not an issue.