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As we all know this popular device, Amazon Kindle. It doesn’t matter you belong to which nation but you should know your relics, culture, and morals etc. Each and every country holds the different culture with different festivals but all festivals seasons grasp the same celebration and enthusiastic environment.


So If we talk about Ramadan, one of the most special and essential months of the Islamic year, when the people who belong to Islam pray, fast and increase the helping hands. As we mentioned earlier that each and every festival holds the same celebration, it doesn’t matter whether your festival has some different name, and the way of celebration is different but one thing which remains same is our happiness and joy. Kindle library grasps this beautiful book called, ‘Under the Ramadan Moon’, not only this you will find a lot of inspirational and broad minded books in this immense library. If being a Kindle user, you face any technical mess in your device then step ahead to Www kindle com support for the accurate solution.


The author of the book, Sylvia Whitman and illustrator Sue Williams, both manifested the introduction and meaning of Ramadan in very beautiful way. Ramadan is a time of reflection and ritual with family, relatives, and pals. Sylvia Whitman lives in Virginia (U.S.A), she wrote this story so that her son and his classmates can learn the importance of this festival plus how Sylvia and family celebrate this beautiful occasion and the illustrator of this book is lives England.


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