Get the fine help for Kindle Paperwhite common issues

How your e-reading experience is going with your Kindle device? There are endless reasons to adore the classic kindle device, which simply delivers the best e-reading experience. With the bunch of astounding features and enthralling services, the mighty e-reading device has already grabbed the eyeballs of many worldwide users.

Besides all the features and services, the most promising things about the kindle device are its diverse range of kindle versions and extensive web of eBooks under Kindle library, which delivers the mind-boggling range of eBooks of different sections. In all the range of kindle versions, if you are one of the potential users of the kindle paperwhite, then you must be enjoying the dynamic e-reading experience. But, there are many common issues which have occasionally affected the performance of the paperwhite version in a negative way. This is the reason we are here with some of the common issues and fixing solutions for the paperwhite version in order to improve the using experience of the device.

·         Frozen screen and downloading content problems

There are many instances when you have to face the frozen screen and downloading issues. In this kind of issue, all you need to do is to head for the restarting of the device.

  1. Simply press the Power button and hold it for the time limit of 20 seconds. After holding the button for first 6 to 8 sec, the screen of the device will get turn blank. Keep holding up the Power button.
  2. Now holding up to 20 seconds, just head to release down the power button. After this, you will witness the on the mode of charge indicator light.

·         Battery charging problems

If your battery is draining out quickly, or if it is taking more than 6 hours to get completely charged, then all you need to do is to follow up the troubleshooting steps below.

  1. After completing the reading, simply turn off the kindle. In order to put down the device into the sleep mode, all you need to do is to press down the power button on the device.
  2. Wireless Connection should be turn off. When there is any 3G Network or Wi-Fi network gets linked, Kindle device uses the more battery. In order to turn off the wireless connection, click the Menu button, then click Settings, and then choose ON.
  • Grab any compatible charging adapter, and charge your device with it for faster charging within six hours.

·         Connecting problems to Wi-Fi

If you are unable to connect your paperwhite to Wi-Fi, just follow the below-listed

  1. First, check down the wireless connectivity on the Kindle- In the case of disabled wireless connectivity, your kindle will not get linked with the to a Wi-Fi network or 3G, if it is applicable. So, make sure that the Wi-Fi option is enabled.
  2. Using channel 1-11- Make sure that your wireless router is being set to access the Wi-Fi channel from 1 to 11. Do refer to the internet service provider if they have given you the wireless router, or head to the manufacturer of the router for further help.
  • Restarting the router/ or modem and kindle to refresh the device and then try again to link with the fine Wi-Fi network, and if the problem still persists, then it can be the issue with the internet connection or the Network hardware, which you can sort out with the internet service provider.

·         Forgetting the Password

All the content that you buy from Amazon is automatically get saved to the Cloud. It’s quite easy to download the content when you will register the account with the kindle again.

  1. Click the passcode field to get the onscreen board.
  2. Simply enter 111222777, and then click The kindle will simply get restarted.

Note that to use the Kindle, you will simply need to link to a wireless network and then registering the kindle.

               Apart from these issues, if you get any other bug, then just navigate to Kindle Help for expert guidance and solutions.

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