The new movie at Kindle Support: the angry birds’ movie is a lot more than just art, it’s an epic masterpiece in the world of cinema and theater. It interacts with you with its bizarre nonimmigrant propaganda by which the peaceful birds of the green-juice –swilling face destruction by their naive willingness from trusting strangers and visitors (pigs taking over the society with their bas hygiene habits) from strange island. The movie shows the society of birds with procreated faces doing yoga in the most adorable manner.

The story was never predicted by the people who are in crazy love with the angry birds’ game so the movie brings a high level of surprise for all its existing fans and creates new Amazon Kindle Support followers with such an attractive story plot. The angry birds’ game reflects a puzzle that scratches you mind to it deep corners, in these games the angry birds and pig are rivals and the reason is totally distinct from what’s shown in the movie.

The true life of movie is the angry red who also appears in the angry birds’ games and with the free Kindle Help excerpt novelization for the movie. The character pf angry red is so much alike in the game and in the movie just like his name –‘red’. A good amount of consistency is maintained by the creators and developers to create a relationship between the angry birds’ movie and the angry birds game. They have achieved success at some extent but few modified efforts would have given a separate fame to the angry bird movie.

With respect to the angry birds movie red is shown as a lonely angry bird and is the only bird that was smart enough to get the real intentions of the pigs. Well, this doesn’t not match the story or consistency of the angry bids game. In the game all the birds of the society are shown as very angry birds who like to smash and destroy. In the movie the character of red is angry all the time but the reason is not so clear, may be because he was bullied about his eyebrows all the time by every other bird due to which he busted out of anger and violence on everyone. This is not at all consistent with the official www kindle com support angry birds’ game involving blatant antagonism. The character of red introduces violence for the entertainment of the audience and with the voice of sardonic Jason Sudeikis the task becomes so much easier and fun.

However there were so many instances in the movie which proves the lack of laugh by violence. With the free Kindle Fire Support excerpt novelization of this movie there are no consistent relation discovered in the movie with respect to the story. In the movie red commits all the possible act of violence whether it is kicking the kid playing too loudly outside his house, hitting another bird because he was standing to close to him in the line , fighting with the lifeless signboard, and much more. The free Kindle excerpt novelization represents the angry birds’ movie as a political horror and suggest that some of scenes involving violence acts that are not properly played in many portions of the movie.

There is a liberal use of ellipses in the angry birds’ movie that reminds the audience about the tremendously long, boring, and needless with the free Kindle excerpt for the novelization of The Angry Birds Movie. The Free Kindle Com Support excerpt designed for the purpose of novelization of The Angry Birds Movie also comprises of the prologue that explains why red is called “an honorary uncle” by a bunch of blue bird triplets that he saved at the end of intense fight with pigs. At the end of the movie these baby blue bird triplets are found shooting themselves towards the ocean and are still hoped to be alive with the xenophobe.