First and Second Generation Kindle Owners Need To Wait For A While For Registration

We want to mention here that if you are an owner of the kindle first and 2nd generation E-reader, then you won’t be able to perform a factory reset on your device due to some technical issue. The main reason behind this problem is that the company is not allowing these devices to register themselves on official Amazon accounts. The news related to this is already available on Amazon kindle support link.

One of the E-reader users shared his views on Amazon forum noted that all those devices which are already registered on Amazon account will remain operational, but if someone has purchased a new kindle from the refurbished market, then he/she will not able to register his/her device on amazon link and nor will they able to perform factory reset from their device. The good news here is that you can easily browse the kindle store from your kindle device but you won’t be able to connect to the amazon account due to this temporary problem. We want to mention here that when you purchase a kindle from the store, then you need to sign onto Amazon account for accessing and downloading the stuff from Kindle store. In such cases, you are required to get into www kindle com support link from your PC or laptop.

First and Second Generation Kindle Owners Registration

Another kindle user has disclosed his complaint on mobile Read forum, who has tried to contact Kindle com support link for getting Kindle help after receiving problem with his device. He said that he tried to re-register his kindle on Amazon official link for accessing the E-books from the bookstore after performing a Factory reset on the device but failed to do so. Another user, who is also an owner of the kindle first and second generation device has also shared a similar problem on the kindle official feedback link. In a reply from Amazon Kindle customer service executives, they have told that you won’t be able to login to amazon account with this version of your kindle, either you need to purchase a new kindle or you can perform an update on it. This solution was confirmed by the technical team of Amazon customer support service. They have recommended all the affected users to upgrade their device as early as possible for smooth functioning and operation.

Back in time, this Amazon kindle model was launched in November 2007 with full fervor and enthusiasm and users have also purchased this device with the aim to use it to the fullest. They had even updated their kindle device and some had even purchased refurbished model from the secondary market. All of a sudden, Amazon has warned all its customers that they will no longer be able to access and sync their E-reader with Amazon account if they have not installed updated on their device. If you are using a kindle fire model and want to get updates for your device, then you can visit Kindle fire support help link for help and assistance.

As per latest reports from Amazon, the company is actively analysing and investigating this issue and soon going to find a solution for this. Until that time, it will continue supporting all the kindle devices.

Latterly, company has confirmed that the issue has been fixed and the affected customers can now easily re-register their Kindle on the amazon official link.