Amazon Kindles, Compared

Kindle e-readers are unique in themselves as they differ in features and prices. If you are planning to buy a new e –reader or upgrading from the previous one then you have to take these things into consideration. Read along to know about the Kindle four models and what they offer.

Kindle offers you the enormous world of e-readers and you have plenty of options to choose from. Each model has some properties of its own. If you are looking for the one that suits your needs or you want to upgrade to a better version of Kindle then let us help to settle for the one that it best for you. If you already have Kindle fire tablet and having some issue in propelling them then Kindle Fire support is there to help you.

The Contenders

Amazon’s Kindle rules the world of e-readers. However, there are others as well such as Kobo and Nook are still there but Kindle’s takes them all and so is their Amazon Kindle support. There are basically four models from which you can choose from and they compete against themselves to be the best. Let’s have a look at these various Kindle model.

Kindle Models:

Kindle: This is a basic Kindle e-reader which retails for $79.99. It has the lowest resolution of the all the models which is 167 ppi and it lacks built-in light. This model will not provide enjoyable reading experience.

Kindle Paperwhite: It is priced at $119.99.It has a backlight which is powered by LEDS and a 300 ppi resolution screen and has a resolution of 300ppi. With its backlight, you can read even in a dark and the words will be clear too plus you won’t feel a strain on eyes.

Kindle Voyage: Amazon took its first step into the luxury Kindles and it comes at a $199.99 price and has six LEDs, touch sensor on the case which enables you to change pages. It also has an adaptive light sensor for the backlight too. This sensor adjusts the brightness according to the light around you.

Kindle Oasis: It is the latest model of Kindle and which comes at an exorbitant price of $289.99.And for $300 you get backlight which is powered by 10 LEDs, hardware buttons to change pages and charging case which can keep you Kindle to last for months instead of weeks. It’s 10 LEDs provide even reading no matter wherever you are. It has an orientation sensor by which you can flip your device to left or right hand.

All of these models provide you access to the Amazon Kindle bookstore provides Whispersync technology which syncs your reading with your mobile apps and with Audible. They have many things in common like all of them provide 4 GB storage and they all have the same software. Each of them has similar battery life that is generally several weeks. An exception to this is Oasis which comes with charging cover. And if you want to get rid of “special offers” ads on the screensaver then you need to pay $20 which is one –time payment. Well, you won’t see much difference in the handling buy the hardware is different.

Moreover, Kindle Paperwhite, Voyage, and Oasis are available in 3G options but the base Kindle model is only available in Wi-Fi option.3G models are bit expensive like $189.99 for Paperwhite, $289.99 for the Voyage, and $359.99 for the Oasis.

Size and Shape:

kindle paperwhite support

Although, Kindle, Paperwhite, and Voyage have same design and size and weight but Kindle Oasis differs in design. But there are few differences in the 4 models such as base Kindle is only 6.7 ounces and the Paperwhite is 7.2 ounces and Voyage is about .3 inches shorter than the other two. Three of them are light weight and easy to carry. However, Kindle Oasis is a bit different from the pack as it comes with its own magnetic leather charging case which is removable too. And without the case it is a bit lighter i.e .4. 6 ounces. It is 5.6 “tall which makes it shorter than other Kindles.The Oasis tapered on one side which makes it easier to hold single –handed. Without any doubt, Oasis is lighter than the three Kindle models. If you need to know about these features in details then take Kindle help.


The Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect combination of great price and features. It has good screen resolution which makes reading pleasurable. The Wire cutter recommends that you can if $120 seems bit high you can always get refurbished version of this.

kindle E-reader

We can’t say the same for the Voyage or Oasis, though. These are luxury Kindles at luxury prices. Which isn’t to say they’re not great, but it’s hard to justify the price unless you have cash falling out of your pocket.

If money is not your concern then Oasis is the best e-reader that is available whereas it doesn’t include ambient light sensor lets you read in a variety of places which is present in Voyage. But you have you spend $80 extra to get this so why not settle for Paperwhite at a lower price.

Kindle Oasis is the clear winner here and it is also recommended from PC Mag, Gizmodo, Time, and Wired. So if you are willing to shed extra money from your pockets for e-reader than go for Kindle Oasis over Voyage.