PDF not showing up Kindle

However, sometimes some users have reported a problem in opening the PDF file on their kindle tablet. They said that they were not able to read the PDF files on their kindle tablet and when they transferred the files from computer to the device, then the PDF files have encountered a problem. Even they tried to eliminate this by taking kindle help from kindle com support link but didn’t get success. So, if you are also the victim of this same problem, then continue reading this blog post. I am going to provide the ways to eliminate this problem from your kindle and most probably you will not get this problem again after implementing the below-mentioned steps.

kindle PDF not showing up

  1. File location

This thing is important to take care of that when you transfer the EBook files from your computer, then you must copy these files into the ‘Document’ folder of your kindle device otherwise, your device will not treat these files as an EBooks. Yes, if you want to re-organize, then you can do easily within the documents folder. You need to create a subfolder within the main document folder for Re-arrangement because this will not get detected by the amazon kindle. If you don’t want to lose even a single book on your device, then you can use programs like free calibre or kindle email service to upload the files into the folder. For any help related to kindle mail service, you can go to Amazon kindle update link.

  1. Kindle library

The process to find a book on kindle library is not easy. It is a time-consuming and tedious task. Even if all the files are correctly loaded on the device, you cannot search it easily. The best way to place the books in your device is; organise all books according to the title, author or volume. This will help you in navigating the books faster. You just need to enter the name of the author in the search field and your device will automatically open the books of that author on the screen. You can also add tags to the books before uploading it on your device. If you want to edit these tags in future, then you can use calibre program for this purpose. This is the best and straightforward way to approach a particular title from your device.

PDF not showing up on kindle

  1. PDF with images

Many PDF files with inbuilt images not open properly due to the inability of kindle device. In such cases, you won’t be able to see the pictures drawn inside the book. The scanned images simply appear as a normal file. To eliminate this problem, you can use third party tool or a program like PDF to PDF file converter or calibre. This will solve the problem of PDF files with images within it. For more help and support, you can call at Amazon kindle customer service number.

  1. PDF conversion

It will be better for you if you convert your PDF files into the kindle-friendly readable format. Kindle support MOBI format fully, so you can prefer this format. To convert your file types, you can use programs like PDF read, Mobipocket creator and even calibre. With these programs, you can even change the cover page of any book according to your taste or liking. If you want to re-organize these books then, you just need to go to manage my kindle account option. One thing more I want to mention here that you can’t add any annotations and highlight in PDF formatted EBooks but this is possible in MOBI format.