Amazon fire tablet

Today, in this blog post I am going to discuss the reason due to which, you might lost all the EBooks from your kindle EBook library. I am going to share my experience of using kindle fire tablet along with you.

Till now, I was using my $50 amazon fire tablet successfully. I had a wonderful experience of using a Robust and fastest performance kindle device till yet. Unfortunately, it came to a halt suddenly. I didn’t know the exact reason behind it. I have even tried to normalize the situation by taking kindle help from kindle com support link but nothing has helped in solving my problem.

I used to keep my EBooks in EPUB format under Mantano app. the reason for being this app preferred is its ability to read the MicroSD storage contents from the external memory and it also store my eBook library.  This is free app that is available on all the app store market. I had stored more than 200 files in my free app. one day when I made up a mind to flash this app, then I fired up it from my Amazon kindle account. After that when I tried to open those EPUB files, I was not able to do so and upset with the message that was flashing on the screen that this book is no longer available in your device. All the thumbnails of particular EPUB files were greyed out suddenly.


I then checked my EPUB files in a file manager but all went in vain. All the files were absent even in file expert and microSD storage card. All the files other than EBooks were available in the device but the book folder was vanished totally from my device. I have then checked my Amazon credit card login details, whether these are also erased out or saved. Luckily, these were safe and remain saved.

I kept on thinking that how this happened and how a Mantano Ebook reader app can delete an entire library from my device. I have cross checked the app by restoring the missing files and it restored successfully. I found that the problem might not be with the app. I was using this same app on my Lenovo tablet also but no such issue has been reported so far on this device. After getting odd messages from file expert HD after update. I found that none of the folders are affected with this update. So I come to the point that the problem might be in the kindle fire or in the OS itself. Although, there were no clear evidences of any fault with it even.

Luckily I was able to restore all my eBooks from different libraries on different devices. So at least I have not lost anything permanently. All the data that was restored from devices was not in proper symmetry, so it took some minutes to review back and understanding the shuffling between the different devices. I took Amazon kindle support from the official link to retrieve all my eBooks from various libraries.

So I Re-downloaded all my eBooks from the kindle cloud app and sync all the recently downloaded books over the cloud by updating cloud storage from kindle fire update link. The amazon kindle app working gracefully this time.

So the conclusion or moral is obvious: that is backup all your data and EBook files on some other device or at cloud storage because the problem can occur any time and there are no clear warnings and symptoms of such problems. As we all know that prevention is better than cure, so don’t wait for a problem to occur in your device. Backup all the data on a routine basis.