Today, in this blog post we will discuss the problem with you and let you know the concrete solution for the same. I hope you will surely implement the procedure that is going to be explained in this blog post on your kindle fire device. This issue is most prevalent in kindle fire 8.9 OS. Some annoyed users have even posted threads on Amazon forums and on its official website.

They tried to sort out the things by taking kindle help from the experts but all went in vain. We want to share important information here that more than 80% kindle fire users are facing this absurd problem and they feel like they have wasted their precious $50 on this grisly device. Though, Amazon kindle support many apps and EBooks on its every kindle device but yet it is facing a dreaded issues. Some customers have even purchased kindle fire tablets for their children so that their children can use free time service.

Other problems that are reported by some of the device users are profile lost, game in progress, content errors, buttons not working and other data mismatching problem. Most of the fire owners have Amazon kindle register on more than one device and they report that the problem of de-registering is appeared on the new device but the old device is running successfully.


They have tried to solve this problem by performing kindle update on their device and somehow, some have able to fix the problem. We have received some feedbacks from customers complaining about problem in Re-registering their device.

They are not able to re-register their device on the official amazon link and keep on getting the failure messages on screen. Those using kindle Paperwhite model have able to solve this problem by running the latest kindle Paperwhite update for their current firmware OS.

It has been stated by few customers that this problem is due to the some bugs and Errors that are reported in new software update. They rumored that they have started getting this problem after updating their firmware version to 8.9.

One customer has shared his experience of using a kindle fire device and we are going to discuss with you. He said that he was having two kindle devices at home one for personal use and other one for children. Today morning, when he tried to charge one of his kindle, it suddenly got de-registered and all the contents, profiles and apps under progress were vanished.

I then started my whole process from the scratch. I left a complaint message on kindle platform and got a reply from the other side that this problem is due to the server and you need to re-register your device on amazon account link so I was left with the only solution in my hand.