Are you using an Amazon fire tablet? You are soon going to receive an OS update on your tablet. Today, in this blog post I will discuss about the new update 5.1.1 that has been recently come into amazon fire tablets.

I am going to share my experience with you. Yesterday night at around 7, my tablet screen linked and my amazon fire finally upgraded to OS 5.1.1 that is also known by Bellini fire. So I assumed that this update is surely going to hit on other fire users screens also. Some users in Europe have already updated their model more than a week before. They are using it conveniently. Now I am going to share the changes that I have noticed in this update.

Amazon fire

What I have noticed in new update is that the play store functions and features are almost analogous to previous one. The downloading and surfing style is almost same. Moreover, you can access the google features same like as you do before. All the apps that I have installed in my system through google play store are also updating automatically. This feature is also same as that in previous one. If you know that amazon kindle fire series models are the best-selling models in the E-reader market. The reason being, its simple operation and user-friendliness. You can easily use this model without taking kindle help from anybody. So I can say that everything works as it is on play store as earlier but the major issues related to the OS software have been fixed in this update.

Earlier when I updated my fire tablet, then it started giving problem. I was not able to access the contents from my microSD card through ES file explorer even I tried to open through ‘manage my kindle account’. The Explorer kept on crashing. I was able to solve this problem only after cleaning and re-installing the card in my fire device. But this time I am pleased to tell you that no such problem has been reported in my device after this new update. Everything is being accessed properly without any failure. This time, you will find the file expert HD icon on the left bottom of screen. So I can say that this problem is totally fixed in the new Amazon kindle update.


Another feature that amazon has added in the new update is kid-friendly browser and Blue shade feature. The kid-browser allows the kids to browse the movies and games from the browser easily with some restrictions and parental controls. Parents can easily check the history from the browser. For more information about this feature, user can log onto kindle support link. Another amusing feature is Blue shade that controls the screen brightness automatically during the night time reading. This saves the battery and also decreases the blue shade effect on the screen, which in turn allows the users to add warm filters and adjust brightness according to desired level.

There are some changes that I have noticed in the downloadable voice on fire. Though, I have not used this function yet, but it seems pretty impressing for those who love reading on E-readers. For more help and information, you need to get in touch with the Amazon kindle customer service.

Owners, who are using the rooted fire models are getting problems in their fire model after update. So I want to suggest you that if you are having a root fire and going to update your fire, then you may find working problem on your kindle fire device. Moreover, the device may stopped working after update. If you want to get support, then take help from kindle email link. All your queries will be solved positively.