As we are well aware about kindle cloud reader that it is a medium for reading E-Books from Kindle Book store without having any requirement of kindle E-reader and smart device. 


We would like to explain you here that this is an internet based application, that you can download from link. Today, we are going to discuss some amazing facts about this app, which are quite new for new. There is no need to take any type of kindle support from the official link.You need a computer with Amazon kindle account for accessing the E-Books through internet.

  1. Read E-Books without E-reader

You have option to Access the E-Books from kindle library without owing any kindle device or other supported gadget. You just need to open a web browser from your PC or laptop and enter in the URL field, then click on Enter. You will find all the books under kindle library from where you can read and download books easily. Moreover, this link is so user friendly that you don’t need any kindle help from the official website. So with kindle cloud reader service, the requirement for kindle E-reader is eradicated and you can save money in this way.

  1. Service can be accessed globally

Earlier this service was available only for those users, who have registered on, but now this app is available globally. Anyone across the world can access the EBooks easily without any hectic. Amazon kindle support provide its services to more than 100 countries like Germany, India, France and UK. You just have to enter ‘read’ before the actual kindle com support domain.


  1. Cannot add or read personal files

You cannot read or write personal files in kindle cloud reader. This is one of the major drawback of this app whereas, you can add or read personal file in kindle E-reader. If you are going to send or receive personal file on Kindle cloud reader, then you must know that it will be opened only on kindle devices but not on your PC. There are different formats which you can easily open on your kindle device. These are Mobi, PDF and .doc. If you are unable to open these file formats on your E-reader, then you can call at kindle customer service number.

  1. Option to add and read free Books from kindle store

One more amazing fact about kindle cloud reader is that you can add or read free books that are available under Kindle store. The kindle store covers all the latest 100 titles along with popular classic sections in its library. Moreover, free samples of some fictions are also available on kindle store.

If you want to add a Book, then check the price of that Book. If it shows $0.00, then you can move further to deliver it on Kindle cloud reader. You can also submit it on www kindle com support link from where you can fetch later.

  1. Offline Reading

In case you are not able to access your favorite book due to bad network connection, you can save it for offline reading. Once this book gets downloaded, you can easily open it from the download tab. In case, you are using kindle fire devices for reading books, go to kindle fire support for further help.

  1. Access two accounts simultaneously

Last but not the least fact about the Kindle cloud reader is that you can access two accounts from the device at the same time. For example: If you have opened kindle app on Mac laptop then you can browse books from there and on the other hand if you have opened safari browser simultaneously, then you can easily open kindle cloud reader for secondary account login.