Today, we are going to explain the 5 major flaws of kindle oasis model that you cannot ignore or overlook it. These are mostly reported by kindle users as well but we are going to discuss it in detail.

All the kindle users love to use Kindle oasis model because of its outstanding features and performance. Moreover, it has built in case cover for magnetic charging. This not only eases the charging method but also gives the prime outlook to the exterior of this model. It is easy to grasp the device in hands because of its outer cover. There is no need to connect charger directly to the kindle, the magnetic charging automatically charges the kindle through leather case cover. For more assistance and information, you can take kindle help through the kindle email kindle oasis model was first released, then the people were of the opinion that this kindle model will definitely present all the amazing and drawing heart features. The case is similar as if some boy meets the girl for the first time and thought as she is one of the beautiful girl in the world. But he later realized the faults in her after dealing with her. So if you use the kindle oasis, then only you will able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this product. We are going to discuss about this product with you in this blog post and let you know what actually kindle support and gives.

Now, coming to the flaws part, we are going to discuss the common flaws of kindle oasis with you.

  1. Light leakage: This is one of the major flaw of this model. No doubt, this problem has been reported in other kindle models even but this has got the publicity due to the company own claim. More than 60% cases of light leak are reported in kindle oasis model. Kindle oasis has high contrast ratio due to higher number of LED’s fixed in it but the same percentage of lights also leaks via it.
  2. Uneven light: This problem is reported by many users. They complain that the light is dark at one end and lighter at other end. This annoys them during reading. They have also tried to adjust the light from ‘manage my kindle account and devices’ section but the problem remained same. This problem reflects more in voyage and oasis model than that in paperwhite model.
  3. Battery backup: According to what the company claim and promotion is that the kindle oasis battery will stay charged for a week after complete charging but in reality the case is not the same. The kindle oasis battery specifications are written here as under.

Kindle oasis: 250+1290

Kindle voyage: 1320mAh

Kindle ordinary: 890mAh

If you noticed that the oasis battery is 20mAh more than the kindle voyage one. According to the amazon kindle customer service engineers, this is little difference and doesn’t affects much in working. The other problem reported by some oasis users is case charging. The users plugged the device case for charging, whereas the built-in battery has still 90% charging available in it.

  1. Screen spots: Small spots on the kindle screens are observed by many kindle oasis users. They have tried to solve this problem through Amazon kindle update but the problem is still encountered on their devices. This issue should be otherwise absent in such precious models, for which you are paying a hefty price.
  2. External look: The external look merely matters if the performance of device is fantastic. The gap between the screen and the frame really annoy the customers as this gap traps dust inside it, which is difficult to clean every time.