Amazon Kindle store let you purchase various superman comics which will transport you to the world of your favourite Superman and some of them are available on Pre-order too.

Are you a Superman fan and you get fascinated by his magical flying power and loves to watch and read about him then this week you will be glad to know that has released the list of comic books and other items that are on sale and the sale has already started on September 28th, 2016 and will last this week through.

All the comic books are also available for digital download on your Kindle device and Amazon Kindle support is there to help you with the Kindle related issues. However this list which we have provided is liable to change so check with your retailer before purchasing these.

You can buy these books in printed as well as digital edition. These comics are available on Kindle as well on your Apple device through iBook.



It is written by Dan Jurgens and is illustrated by Patrick Zircher.IN this superman comes face to face with Clark Kent and he is looking for answers that who is Clark Kent. Here Clark Kent reveals all in this edition and you will also witness return of the Ghost from Smallville past.



The author of JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001: VOL 02 – THINGS FALL APART is Keith Giffen. The Lady Styx have destroyed their rivals and converted their people to sinister creed. Even the Justice League team has fallen in the hands of her rage. The war is over but the new Justice league will arise. The lady Styx has send his deadliest assassin to destroy the Justice league. Now the final showdown begins.

Superman Vol. 2: Return to Glory:

This comic is by Gene Luen Yang, Howard Porter, Greg Pak Superman feels so powerless and he lost his identity as Clark Kent and his job and he is now out of all his powers. And after all he is a superman so he needs to uncover the mastermind that has taken everything from him.His investigation leads him to the underground fight club called Mythbrawl and the end he decides that whether he wins or loses he will take the toll on Krypton’s last son.



It is crafted by National Book Award nominated writer Gene Luen Yang artists John Romita, Jr. and Klaus Janson

This comic is all about the powerless and exposed but in the end he is still the world’s greatest hero. The superman undergoes some changes and gets trapped by the company called Hordr. Read further to see will superman fall weak in the hands of blackmailers and revealing the truth will set him free or ruin him. A new era of Man of steel emerges here.

All these comics are available on Kindle store however if you find any difficulty in locating or you want to know more about them then Kindle help is there to assist you.