If you want to spend some money on e-reader then amazon kindle is the best option for you. There are different models with different prices we will have look at its various models and features then you can analyze which suits you best.

With first released in 2007, kindle has grown up in later decades and its simple to use and facility to have thousands of book in single device overlook the market.Out of seven best e-reader in the market .four models are from amazon only. We will discuss about these models one by one and let you know the reason for price difference.There are things which you will find in all of these models: full connectivity with wifi, amazon kindle store access, wide 6 inches display with touchscreen and sharing of notes from and within books.

7th generation amazon’s kindle:

Price of this model $79 including ads and $89 without advertisement This is a simple kindle which performs all the functions as other kindle models do. It comes in two price one is with ad and another without ad .if you opt for without ad one you will be charged $10 should be clear that these advertisements and screensavers from sponsor will be off until you screen is not locked. But once you locked they will appear. You need to purchase higher end models for this feature. This model is cheapest. You can take support from Kindle Support if you find any problem. This model has display size of 6inches with sufficient space 4GB which can store lots of books.There is no need of cellular or any 3g phones to connect. You can connect it over Wi-Fi and direct to kindle store. Good battery back without Wi-Fi. If you find any problem in connecting you can take help from www kindle com support.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite:

Price of this with Wi-Fi ($119) and with Wi-Fi+3G ($189)This kindle model is next to previous one. It has slight changes from previous model, with backlight option and another facility of 3g.This model has also 6inches touch display. Due to good screen resolution and pixels with backlight option, the words will look brighter than the previous model kindle. Amazon kindle support provides you with all instructions and technical specification required by you for its operation. You have to compensate with battery life with this model because the backlight consumes more battery. Even then it can work for 6 weeks Its inbuilt 3g feature lets you to download the books from anywhere irrespective of your location for free of cost. This feature is liked by all users.

Amazon Kindle Voyage:

With Wi-Fi price ($199) and wifi+3g price ($269)This Amazon kindle voyage is mostly similar to the Paperwhite in terms of backlight, resolution and display. Now talking about difference the main is the thickness which is 7.6mm and less weight. This kindle has light sensor which adjust the screen light according to the light present around you. There is a page sensor which lets you to turn pages of book without touching screen. You can take kindle help for any support. You have to pay extra $70 to buy with 3g service. There is no doubt that it’s a premium product but there are minor differences between this kindle and lower one.

Amazon Kindle Oasis:

With Wi-Fi price (£269) and with wifi+3g (£329)This is the most latest and superior model of amazon kindle. Everything is same except its design from other kindle design is comfortable to use if we use with single hand. You will hardly feel its weight when you will use it .The button for turning page can be seen at the handgrip and at its lower part its just3.4mm thick. It’s easy to use and you can follow instructions on Kindle com support.It lacks light sensor but it has screen orientation facility to turn to left and comes with leather cover in both models. The model with 3g facility is priced higher than other if you are buying this then you are buying only for its design and weight rest everything is same as in other models. Kindle Fire Support features you with quick setup guide and instruction. The leather cover is magnetic which will close magnetically to protect the device.