Amazon Kindle fire tablets have been relaunched. They come in new colours and storage options. They also come in new kid proof storages. These devices are offering the best value for money.

Us Remote support call us at 1-855-293-0942Amazon Kindle Fire has been revamped up with addition of three colours along with black which was available. It has three colours namely magenta, blue and tangerine. It is being sold for already existing price of $50.

There is also a new variant of Kindle fire. It packs a 16GB storage in it. It costs $20 more for this bumped up storage. However users if buy an 8GB version they will get only 3 GB maxed out. However after saving $20, users can buy a micro SD card of 64 GB.

Long story short, either you can buy a 70$ inbuilt storage of 16GB which is fast, or you can buy 64GB SD card which has comparatively slower speed but is 4X times the inbuilt storage as mentioned on Kindle com support. Either way you will have to buy extra storage as 8GB is too less.

It comes with Fire OS 5 Bellini according to Kindle fire support. Current fire OS is 7.1 which is not available for Kindle Fire 7” tablet. Rest of the specs are unchanged. A 1.3 GHZ quad core processor, along with small and underpowered front and rear cameras and a 171 PPI 7” washed out display. These specs are surely not exciting at all, but the price point for which it comes is astonishing.

According to www Kindle com support, for a mere 50 dollars, we are getting a 1024X600 display, wireless connection, touch screen tablet with amazon support for reading e-books. It has its customised interface. Fire OS is a heavily skinned version of android. You can run google play services and play store in it.

There is also a new kid’s edition with new colours. Kindle fire offers a bright green kid proof case for Kindle. It also comes in a 16 gig storage. Green is a new addition to blue and pink. The 16 GB model is priced at $120 according to Kindle help. 8GB model comes at $100. Basically a 20 dollar difference like normal fire models.

For a kid proof casing and a new colour you are shedding double the amount of a Kindle fire tablet. It is on pre-orders, and it will be shipped out after April 28. Amazon has launched two new models of tablets in 7” and 8.9 inch with all the pomp and show earlier.

Amazon not only relaunched a low end tablet for $50 with amazon Kindle support, it also launched a flagship $290 Kindle oasis tablet. For $250, we can buy six Kindle fire tablets, as one tablet is free for buying five. Still we will be left with $40.

Oasis is yet powerful and is a result of rigorous R and D so definitely it is worth the price. You can pre-order amazon Kindle fire tablets from amazon website and Kindle support.