Amazon introduced new firmware for Kindle Fire HDX 3rd generation namely version which include bug fix and various improvement in the device.

Amazon brings to the table its great Kindle devices. Kindle range is diverse its starts from basic Kindle to its luxurious Kindle Oasis, we also have Kindle Fire tablets. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 3rd Generation tablet is the high-end model of Kindle fire line.


If you have a Fire tablet and struggling with some kind of issue then get in contact with Kindle fire support it will provide you necessary way out. Amazon has recently announced its new firmware package which is especially for targeting Kindle Fire HDX 3rd Generation tablet namely version which will include general bug fixes and improves performance , stability, and usability after installation. The whole process for updating your Kindle Fire HDX 3rd Generation is very simple if you follow these steps.

  1. Firstly, check your tablet’s current firmware version and ensure that software revision powering the device isn’t new and it should match the present release. You can check this by going to the menu then settings, system updates and then you should see the current build. amazon-makes-available-firmware-5-8-1-for-some-kindle-devices
  2. If everything seems well then download the software update file. Now turn on your Kindle and connect it to your computer via USB.
  3. Now open the Kindle file drive and drag the file to the device’s internal storage and monitor while files get transferred.
  4. After this head towards Menu > Settings > System Updates. However, a path may differ from model to model. Now follow the instruction on the screen for hassle free installation or else take Kindle support for proper installation of the software update.
  5. Don’t interrupt this process else it will lead to update failure.
  6. After the file has been transferred disconnect the USB cable from your Kindle fire and the computer. amazon-4th-gen-fire-hd-6-hd-7-and-hdx-8-9-receive-5-4-2-firmware-build
  7. Now in your Kindle fire start the software update. Just scroll down from the top of the screen to open quick settings and then tap settings then tap device and then system updates.
  8. Simply tab update your Kindle Fire will restart during the process and after the restart, a message will appear on your screen as “Installing system update”