Amazon kindle e-readers have been best in class. It has its own buyer class and there have been many brands who have tried their hands in e-reader market but amazon has been pioneer and leader in it since its inception.

61RMYkO7QXL._SL1000_The best part of an amazon e-reader market is that whenever a new e-reader comes, it has new features and specs but it does not lead to no or low Kindle support for previous e-readers.

They do not become obsolete, all thanks to Kindle com support. A first generation kindle e-reader can still read latest books from amazon market place hence it is a long lasting value for money.

Each kindle device comes with its betterments, however older e-readers still keep relevant, and all these things have been made possible due to Amazon Kindle support. Now, on May 7, there are 7 kindle e-readers which are on a terrific sale and you must look forward to them to buy this weekend. You normally have a value for money from kindle but this weekend, it might be a heck of a steal deal. But, if you can take Kindle help, then you can get the deal that you’ve been looking for.

  1. Kindle fire tablet with 8 Gigabyte of on-board memory and comes with bundled offers at $40 with free shipping if you are a prime member.
  2. Kindle fire kid’s edition with a 7” screen, wireless connectivity and an 8gigabyte on-board memory and a kid proof casing at $80.
  3. A 16 GB fire HD model with added wireless LAN and 10.1” screen at $180 and prime shipping for members free. For more info, log onto www Kindle com support.
  4. Kindle 6” classic model with touchscreen and Wi-Fi at $60 with free prime shipping.
  5. Kindle for kids with 2 year accidental protection and kid proofing at $80. If you don’t get this protection cover, then better get in touch with Kindle Fire support.
  6. High resolution kindle Paperwhite with a 6” display having built in LED and wireless at $100 with free prime shipping,