Kindle Oasis is not just a device for the users, it act as a companion as well, especially when you’re fond of travelling. According to company, this device is small and lightweight.

As we know Amazon Kindle has made its first debut in 2007. The day Kindle stepped in the markets, it gained good mouth of words from the people and gradually earned lot of users. Today Kindle’ e-readers are famous among the users, especially if we about the travelers. Yes if you’re a travel or fond of travelling then you will fall in love with Kindle because Kindle is not only a device for them, in fact it also act as a companion. If we talk about the tablets then the Kindle Fire is a tablet version of Kindle e-book reader. Kindle Fire Support will provide you proper assistance regarding any technical trouble.

First of all travelers can easily carry this device. It’s small, lightweight and will give you an experience of reading real book. According to company it was designed to feel weightless. Its new leather battery case that simultaneously can charge the device. Battery life good, which can last up to 30 days, so what you waiting for? Go grab this device and enjoy your tours. You can take Kindle Help, regarding any technical obstacle if you’re already a Kindle user.

amazon-kindle-oasis-1-KINDLE0716Kindle’s e-readers know best for its ergonomic design plus it gives comfort to user’s hand while reading, rest the company states, “: “Kindle Oasis shifts the center of gravity to your palm, to rest in your hand like the spine of a book so that the device feels balanced for one-handed reading”. To get more updates regarding Kindle e-reader’s and for prime membership you need to create an Amazon Kindle Account. You can even manage your Kindle payment settings, if you have the Amazon account. Users can turn the page with a touch or simply a built-in accelerometer detects which hand you’re reading with, automatically rotating the page.

amazon-kindle-oasis-3-KINDLE0716When the Oasis is inactive then hibernation mode will minimizes the power consumption. As we know that device is blessed with Whispersync as well. Rest users are well familiar with the functions and settings. Its heavy price is the only thing which creating an obstacle between Oasis and people.  Kindle Oasis will cost you $290. People are unable to understand why it’s so costly, device is not even a waterproof whereas other e-readers like Koro Auro, H20 and Nook GlowLight are waterproof.  The Oasis features the new Paperwhite’s high resolution display plus features 60% more LED’s. You have an option of Paperwhite as well, it will cost you $170 less. Kindle Support will assist if you’re facing any technical problem in your device.