The color of the gadget depicts a lot about it. Sometimes, an expensive gadget doesn’t seem to be expensive if it is coated in a certain color. The type of color used on the gadget can make it look elegant or a cheap product. The same can be said for Amazon Kindle, which is a spectacular device no doubt, but with beautiful colors, Kindle devices have become a lot more fascinating.

The basic model of Amazon Kindle and Paperwhite are now available in simple yet highly attractive white color. In the recent times, people have bought more gadgets that are available in white color. Amazon has always been known for catching the nerve of the customers, which allows them to make world-class products.

Amazon has just launched their 8th generation e-Readers in April and the first product of this generation is no one else but Oasis. Kindle Oasis is the most expensive e-Reader up to this date, but it also offers a wide range of features, which makes the price of the device a bit justified. Amazon after the launch of Oasis hasn’t abandoned other models, which are comparatively cheap than this model. Amazon Kindle and Paperwhite are going to get new models in the near future. These two models are not much different from previous years, still they are quite fascinating products for those who are looking to buy amazing Kindle devices for the first time. People who are looking to replace their older models of Kindle devices can get these revamped models.

The significant difference between the previous models and the new ones is the color. Both, Paperwhite and basic Kindle are available in ivory white color. People will find both Kindle and Paperwhite a bit thinner and lighter. Both the versions have rounded edges, which makes them very classy. When it comes to the resolution, then it is not that great, as the Per Pixel Intensity of the basic Kindle is 167 ppi. The basic Kindle is touchscreen and so is the Paperwhite. The resolution of Paperwhite is a lot better at 300 ppi and the screen is backlit. The storage capacity of both the devices is 4 GB, which is quite decent. These devices come with an extraordinary Kindle support, which come in very handy at the time when people are facing problem in download books and other files, or regarding any other issue.

There is no complications in getting the Amazon Kindle support, as it is easily available by browsing the official site of the company at www Kindle com support. The new Kindle devices come with Bluetooth connectivity, which is a welcoming feature. The purpose of having this Bluetooth is to help blind people get access to these devices. There is another feature by the name of VoiceView, which is also quite useful. People can make use of this Bluetooth speaker and make Kindle look like an audiobook. This version is great for those books who haven’t received the treatment of an audiobook.

People have the option of buying Paperwhite that comes along with micro USB port. More information about the devices can be found after making Amazon Kindle account. There, people will be able to know how to easily manage the Kindle devices in the most suitable way. People just need to go to the option which says ‘Manage my Kindle’, as there, people will be able to know how to easily manage Kindle devices without taking anybody’s help.Besides Amazon Kindle and Paperwhite edition, people can also get Kindle Fire support, which is another popular model of the company. In order to get the support, there is one site that people are supposed to go, i.e., Kindle com support.People can get the most appropriate Kindle help by logging onto the official Kindle website. So, check out the new models of Kindle that are available in the market today.