Amazon Kindle Account

Amazon Kindle, a smart tablet that is known for its amazing features when it comes to Amazon Kindle Accountreading. With Amazon Kindle in the grasp, avid readers need no other device to fulfil their desire of reading. Even the company has not let their customers down, Amazon has come up new models of Kindle every once in a while to ensure that the love of reading never dies. There are a plenty of plus points in Amazon Kindle that compel people to use it on a daily basis. Reading books has never been so interesting like it is today, and all the credit goes to Amazon for making such a spectacular gadget.

Most of the features in Kindle can be accessed without any Kindle sign in. But, there are some features, which can only be used if a person register itself into the Amazon Kindle account. The process of registration is neither complicated, nor it involves any financial obligations. Yet, it needs to be followed in the right pattern in order to avoid any issues later on.

Registering your Kindle onto the Amazon Kindle Account:

Amazon has kept the registration process simple and unified for all the models. It doesn’t matter which Kindle you are holding in your hand, this registration process will work for you. Downloading and purchasing eBooks and other content from the Kindle library would become a lot easier once you have the Amazon account.

Connect your Kindle device to the Wireless network in order to start the registration process. By registering on Amazon account, you will not just be able to download content from other devices like Kindle Fire, Kindle tablets and Kindle supported apps from where you’ve purchased the content in the first place.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to the Amazon register process:

  1. Tap on the ‘Menu’ button where you will see ‘Settings’ option. So, you need to press the ‘Settings’ option.
  2. In ‘Settings’ you need to tap ‘Registration’ option.
  3. If you have an account on Amazon, then you need to enter all the information that needs to be entered such as Kindle email and the respective password. Press ‘Register’ after doing so, and after finishing the registration process, you need to check if your name appears on the page as a registered user or not.
  4. If you don’t have an account on Amazon, but want to create one, then you need to press the options and follow the instructions that are shown on your Kindle. You will be able to register the Kindle device by following all the steps in the right order.

There are three main parameters that you need to follow in order to manage your Kindle device.

  1. Manage Account (related to payment settings).
  2. Manage Kindle Content (Transferring, deleting, and modifying items in Kindle).
  3. Manage Kindle Device (Editing parameters in the Amazon Account).

How to manage your account in Kindle?

In order to buy a book, you need to have a valid credit card or a PayPal account. You can use the Amazon card as well, so a plenty of options available for you in terms of payment.

  1. Select ‘Manage Kindle Devices and Content’ option on your Kindle device.
  2. You need to click ‘Edit payment method’, which you can find in the ‘Settings’ option.
  3. If you are using an Amazon card, then you need to enter Amazon credit card login details. You can add a new credit card as well, if there is no credit card registered before.
  4. Once the card information is filled, you need to fill in the billing address. Click continue, and as you click it, you will be redirected to Digital Payment Settings page where you can view all your payment methods.

How to manage content on your Kindle?

There are five different aspects that you will have to keep in mind. These processes will help keep your Kindle content properly managed.

1. Delivering eBooks to Kindle device: You can easily deliver your favorite eBook from your content. You need to select that eBook and select ‘Deliver’. Check the drop-down menu if the desired eBook is not visible. Make sure that you have done Kindle Sign in because otherwise, the eBooks won’t be delivered.

2. Turning the book updates on and off: Prior to turning on the book updates, you need to turn on the annotations backup in your Kindle. Go to ‘Settings’ and then choose ‘Automatic book update’. You can turn it off or on, depending upon what you want to do.

3. Return eBooks: Go to ‘manage content and devices’ and then, select ‘Your Content’. Easily refund your eBook that you don’t wish to read. This is how you get the right answer to how to ‘Manage my Kindle account’ question.

4. Removing content from Kindle Content library: Easily manage your Kindle by removing items that aren’t required by you. You have to go to ‘Manage your devices and content’ option and click on the drop down list to select the items you don’t wish to see anymore.

How to manage Kindle device?

There are various options that you can manage in your Kindle, according to your choice. If there is an updated version of the OS available, then that can be downloaded by doing Amazon Kindle login. Managing Kindle devices is a lot easier if you are aware of the steps that are to be followed.