Amazon Fire TV Stick Vs. Roku 3

If you are confused whether to buy Roku 3 or Amazon Fire TV stick, then you should just keep one thing in mind that there is a huge difference between Roku help providers and Amazon help providers, so it is better to go for the experienced one, i.e., Roku 3. 

Are you planning to buy a portable streaming device, if yes, then you’ve got two options to choose from. One is Amazon Fire TV Stick, which is coming from the house of the Amazon and other is Roku 3, which has done great in the recent times.

The shape

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a streaming stick whereas Roku 3 is a set top box. Roku 3 is a bit bulkier when compared to the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Highlighting Features

You can easily control voice with the help of a remote on the both the devices. Moreover, screen casting option is also available. Regarding the operating system of the devices, Amazon Fire TV Stick works on Proprietary OS, whereas Roku has its own Roku OS.

Media Networks support

Both the devices support a wide range of networks such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and more. So, whatever is your choice, you can get that network to the streaming device.

Compatible devices

This is one aspect where Amazon Fire TV Stick gets the better of Roku 3, as it can be connected with smartphones, tablets and PCs, whereas Roku 3 can be connected with smartphones and tablets only.

Movies and TV

This round is won by Roku 3, as users can watch NFB Films, Blockbuster on Demand, Asian Crush and CinemaNow. All the four movies and TV options are not available in the Amazon Fire TV stick. The number of online videos is also greater by a huge margin in Roku 3. The same goes for sports, as Roku plays all kinds of sports networks, whereas Amazon Fire TV Stick plays none.

Social network

When it comes to social network, Amazon Fire TV stick just supports Facebook, whereas Roku 3 supports Facebook, Picasa, PlayTo, Flickr and MyMedia.

Technical support: Roku support Vs Amazon support

So, Roku 3 is the device that you should go for, as it contains a lot more for you than Amazon Fire TV Stick. Go to www Roku com link and know more about the device. The Roku technical support is another feature, which makes Roku a great company.

If you have any problem in doing the Roku account setup, then you just need to give a call at the Roku support phone number and they are going to educate you about the issue and fix it as well. There is no doubt upon the fact that Roku customer service is by far the best in the world.

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