Amazon kindle tablet series surely is taking the world by storm. With ridiculously low prices, exceptional features, ground breaking Kindle Support, these tablets are most popular in their segment. Further, starting from an e-ink display, today there are several, hundreds of branded tablets with back-lit screens and multitasking and can also read e-books, but amazon kindle tablets with flawless Amazon Kindle Support and electronic ink display, still are most used tablets for e-reading.

Features and specs:

Amazon has taken a step further with launch of new $50 amazon fire tablet. This is not an e-ink book reader with electronic paper screen technology. As Kindle Help confirms, it is a full-fledged android tablet with Amazon skin on it. It is capable to perform various functions such as browsing internet, watching videos and much more as given out in press release by www kindle com support.

Though it is a proper tablet with capabilities to read e-books, it surely is not the best tablet out there considering the price point. In a market where there are Kindle fire tablets to the highest price range competing with iPad and other tablets when it comes to Kindle Fire Support. This $50 kindle fire tablet surely is not the most competitive tablet in the range.

Price bracket and target buyers:

It has a touch screen and is running on a heavily skinned version of android. It has a good resolution, good screen, good battery life but nothing exceptional. Also, as android tablets and iOS devices are a little incompatible with amazon e-books, this tablet serves the purpose perfectly.

Kindle Com Support shows how perfectly e-books being sold on amazon e-book store run on this tablet. Scrolling is smooth, page movement is fast and buttery. This tablet is ideal for using as a secondary tablet if your main device cannot be used for reading. Further it takes little convincing to buy this tablet as it sets you back a mere 50$ along with support from Amazon Customer Service Phone Number executives. This tablet surely is one of the best tablets in this price point. It has its thick bezels and hefty weight but it does perfectly for what it is made.

It has a 7” display which is crisp, a processor and battery which is efficient pair and an app store. Since it runs on android, google play store and all google services can be side loaded into it. By default it doesn’t come with such services installed but once we install a google play store app, it can easily mimic and perhaps overpower a standard 50$ android tablet.

It can be used as an e-book reader, a backup tablet, to perform light weight activities and much more. It has its variety of uses and since it is cheap, anyone can buy one and more. While it is great for reading and all, browsing internet on it is not a charm. Scrolling shows jumpiness, it doesn’t have a high resolution screen so text looks hideously big. It is a heavily skinned android so it hogs up all the basic resources which itself are given in moderate amount to the tablet.

Amazon services like amazon music, amazon books run smoothly on this tablet. You can use it the way it is or can root it and use it as a basic android tab. Its bang for buck.