All you need to know about Kindle fire major problems.

Being one of the potential users of the kindle fire, there are some of the annoying yet major problems and fixes of Kindle fire which you should know to have the error free experience.

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The ultimate Kindle fire has been one of the finest Amazon products in the success story for the e-commerce company. The tablet has played out a crucial role in rendering the quality bunch of kindle eBooks, movies and TV shows to all the users out there which have resulted in the positive feedback across the global boundaries.

However, even the most popular products have the downfall, beyond being quite limited to the Amazon’s content offerings, there are still some of the Kindle Fire HDX issues that you may face. We also deal with the Kindle fire HD barriers. Below, there are some of the major bugs and fixes of the kindle fire which will help you to encounter the issue in a fine way.

  • Stuck on the logo issue- Few people have witnessed the problem with their Kindle fire HD tablet by refusing to start up early. It reaches out as far as the logo gets stuck. Simply restarting the device will just take you as far as the logo.

Potential Solutions-

  • Plug the charger into a charger and then let it get change for 15 minutes. Now just keep it plugged in, press and hold up the power button until it gets started in a proper way. You may also require holding for around 40 sec or more.
  • Do try out to plug into the computer and view that the device would recognize.
  • If still the issue persists, you can head on to the kindle help for better assistance.
  • Crashing or loading of the app bugs- If you got the barrier with any specific app on the kindle fire tablet, then here are some of the fixes.

Potential Solutions-  

  • Head to Settings – Apps and Games – Manage all the applications follows by Find the problem app. After that click Force Stop and Clear cache.
  • If this doesn’t work, then try out to uninstall the app through Settings- Apps and Games- Manage all Applications- App name follows by Uninstall. Restarting the device by simply holding down the Power Button for around 40 seconds, and then reinstalling the app.
  • Getting stuck on “Optimizing system storage and applications” barrier- Some of the users of the kindle fire HD have witnessed the message “Optimizing system storage and applications” or keep on showcasing the message on a repeat mode.

Potential Solutions-

  • Simply plug the tablet into the wall by using the original charger and cable and easily give it around half an hour to get finished.
  • If it doesn’t work, just hold the power button for 40 sec to force the restart.
  • This issue can also be related to the Micro SD card. If you have the MicroSD card into the tablet, then just remove it from the tablet and then test to view if the problem is solved. If the MicroSD card still causing the barrier, then head on to plug it into the PC or another device, copy all the files and wipe the whole SD card. After reinserting, copy them back.
  • Irritating voice descriptions and highlighted buttons- If you witness the yellow line across the onscreen buttons, or that a voice is describing what you are clicking and when you trying to navigate, then you may have accidentally turned on the Accessibility mode. It is actually designed for the disable people using their kindle fire HD, but, it’s quite easy to turn off.

Potential Solutions-

  • Head to Settings- Accessibility mode and turn off the Voice guide.
  • If you have left the Screen reader or Explore by touch turned on, then swipe down from the screen’s top with the two fingers to unlock the Quick Actions menu. Then, click Settings and double-click the screen to unlock the Settings menu. Click Accessibility and then double-click to unlock the Accessibility menu. Click off the Screen reader, double-tap the screen to confirm and then click continue. This will simply disable the Explore by touch and Screen reader.
  • Keyboard typing inconsistently- Some of the owners have complained regarding the typing issue with the tablet.

Potential Solutions-

  • Firstly, try out to clean the screen by using up a microfiber cloth. Ensure that the cloth you are using fitted correctly.
  • Restarting the tablet.
  • You can also try out the factory reset option.
  • If still, the problem persists, navigate to Kindle Fire Support for expert assistance and solutions.

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