Those who have Vizio M Series TV at home should take a look at the new Dolby Vision HDR and a free tablet remote that comes with the product these days. Watching entertainment is a lot easier with these two things.

smart-tvVizio is a known name to many in electronics and home appliances and for many particularly countries of south East Asia and its consumers are unfamiliar with the name Vizio. Vizio has a great reputation in television business and has released a new series of TVs namely M series which offers stunning picture quality and audio experience with integrated Dolby atmos as mentioned by support Vizio com or TV will support latest features like full 4K panel for an immersive viewing experience, 3D abilities, Motion detection, Smart TV OS which is a skinned version of android and much more as our sources confirmed from Vizio support executives.

Hype about Vizio M series TV:

It is a smart TV series so it will be running a version of android along with added functionality of streaming content on TV as well as controlling it via smart phone as mentioned on www Vizio com. Along with these functionalities, TV offers a lot of freebies such as a Tablet for a remote according to Vizio customer service representatives. A tablet is being given along with TV to control its operations and functions hence bringing mini entertainment to palm of our hands.

It is one of the highly anticipated TVs due to Vizio’s competitive pricing, flagship features and a lot of freebies hence building up the hype for this TV model. Vizio com support or has given no information about release date of television or price of this TV, but it’s going to be a major flagship killer due to Vizio’s policy of competitive pricing hence increasing customer base.

Features of Vizio M series TV:

Major features of this TV are:

  • Dolby Vision and HDR compatibility.
  • 4K resolution.
  • 6 inch android tablet as a remote control
  • Google cast compatible

As P series TV released by Vizio last year lived up to its hype, M series surely packs its features too and addition of new peripherals like a Tablet remote and Dolby vision HDR along with local dimming in 64 zones surely will be a great addition to the arsenal which is already been packed in Vizio M series TV.

The competition and pricing:

Though there are many upcoming TVs from other renowned manufacturers but Vizio had submitted its legacy last year with release of a flawless Television proving how a 64inch 4K TV at such a price point can beat flagships packing half the features and being sold at almost double the price.

For now there is no information about how much the TV will cost or what colour options will it have. Also there are further queries of compact or smaller version of this TV series which will be answered in a few months. Curtains surely are going to unveil about pricing and availability of Vizio’s M series TV in a short span of time.

Google cast and Vizio’s smart app surely will help in extending and supporting further features like firmware updates over the air, streaming content from our local smart devices to the TV and much more.

Anticipated price is likely to be same as P series’ price last year which was around $2000. Vizio’s M series TV is anticipated to be cheaper than former one and would be suitable to be priced at around $1500 for 64inch model.