8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kindle E-Reader.

If you’re a Kindle user then we would like to tell eight things that you can do with your device. Take a glimpse at these points below. For more update stay tuned to Kindle Support.

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Download free books

Amazon provides more than 8,000 titles that are free to download. Pick from a variety of classic novels, romantic content, and thrillers. If you don’t have a Kindle, then you can download the free Kindle app on your smartphones and get these reads for on-the- convenience. Another amazing source for free downloads is Open Library. It permits you to borrow and read an immense variety of titles. You can visit www Kindle com Support if you’re looking for some genuine support and assistance.

Transfer articles from the web

Download Instapaper to send web articles to your Kindle device. Make an account and then choose Kindle as your delivery option under Settings. When you save an article to Instapaper it well pushed to your created account.

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Send a document

You can email your personal documents in the form of attachments, to your Kindle. All you need to do is transfer the documents to your Kindle email address. How do you find that? Navigate to Manage Your Content and Devices, Settings, Personal Documents Settings. The email is something like this- yourname@kindle.com. Then you have to do the addition of your email to the Approved Documents Email List. Something to note is that you could be charged for this. Stop charges by doing the addition of kindle address. Therefore, it would read- yourname@kindle.com. For any support or assistance, you’re free to knock the door of Kindle Com Support.

Reset a frozen screen

Simply make a press or slide and hold the power button for around 40 seconds. When you release, then you will see the start-up screen.

Take a screenshot

If you find a quote that you really love, or want to save a page, so you can use it for a class project, you can take a screenshot on your Kindle. If you have an authentic Kindle, hold down alt + shift + G. For the Kindle Touch, hold down the home button and make a tap on the screen. And for the Paperwhite and Voyage users, press the opposite screen’s corners at the same time. Plug your Kindle into your PC so you can download the screenshot as .png format.

Clear up space on your home screen

If you’re sick of the Amazon book suggestions to do the addition of clutter to your home screen, there’s a path you can efface them. Navigate to the menu bar in the upper right-hand corner, then to Settings, Parental Controls, Restrictions, slide Kindle store to off and make a hit on Ok. Rest for any update or support you can ring up on Amazon kindle Customer Service number.

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Lend a book to a friend

Certain books are eligible to be sent to a buddy for 14 days. Fill up the credentials into Amazon account and select Manage Your Content and Devices from the tabs on the screen. Now, make a click on the ellipses action button next to the book you wish to send and select Loan This Title. Keep that in mind, not all the titles are available to loan.

You can publish your own book for Kindle users

For all you writers out there, Amazon provides a facile way to publish your book on their e-store. Simply take Kindle Help to know the accurate procedure.

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