There are various things in your Kindle, which can make your reading experience or web browsing experience a lot better. To know more about it, you don’t have to go to Amazon Kindle support website as well.

There are some tricks in your Kindle Fire that you weren’t aware of up till now.

Amazon has tightly secured its Fire OS, however some usual Android tricks are still going to work. With a dozen of modifications, you will be able to obtain the maximum out of the Amazon Kindle Fire without making use of Kindle Fire Support. Some changes would require rooting of your Amazon Kindle Fire. You must be aware about how to root the Kindle, right?

  1. Getting access to the quick settings of the device

Quick settings is the fastest method to implement any changes in the settings on your Amazon Kindle Fire. Though it is hard to skip the menu, however simply un-noted. Allow us to prompt you of its utility. If you are finding problem in accessing the quick settings, then you can take Amazon Kindle support.

Visit your home screen and swipe down from the top. Now, you’ll be able to quickly regulate the brightness of the screen, modify Blue Shade, set the Kindle Fire to ‘Do not disturb’, or tap the complete Settings menu.

  1. Taking the perfect screenshot

You should know that the key combination of the hardware will come into play while capturing the screen of your Android tablet or smartphone. The key combination on your Kindle Fire is Power and Volume down button. You need to press those 2 buttons for a couple of seconds in order to capture the screen. If you are unable to find these settings, then you need to take Kindle help.

  1. Installing the Google Android Market

The Amazon Kindle Fire solely comes with a pre-installed Amazon App store. It’s an excellent choice, however it’s doesn’t have several vital features, significantly Google’s own apps.There is no need to root your Amazon Kindle Fire 5th Gen to get Google Play Store. You can know more about it from Kindle com support.

  1. Getting the apps from 3rd party platforms

There is no need to access the Google Android Market to put in apps — it’s simply a lot more convenient. You’ll be able to sideload a number of applications from various sources that means you’ll be able to transfer the APK file on to the Kindle device and manually install the app. This methodology further permits you to install the applications from other stores. To confirm, you can log onto www Kindle com support.

  1. Quickly unencumber the space

Is the storage space dwindling in your Kindle device? You’ll be able to use a 3rd party app to naught those folders and files that takes the maximum amount of space. Otherwise you will use 1-Tap Archive, an inherent feature of your Kindle Fire. Cleaning up of the space is a simple task, if you know the settings. If the data is placed in the cloud platforms, then that’s great because the device will remain free.

  1. Sharing the Account

Amazon has allowed in depth sharing options for families. You’ll be able to add up to 1 adult and 4 kids to your Kindle device and make an Amazon home. This permits your members of the family to manage the profiles, which they have made on their own on the shared device & adults will “manage all the services including the content for home.

  1. Changing of the Wallpaper

Your Kindle Fire comes with an option to personalize the wallpaper. There are simple settings to change the wallpapers. You just need to go to Settings, then Display and finally ‘wallpaper’.