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Books are your friends. Some books provide you wisdom, some builds up your faith and some just let you enjoy and experience its world. But these Christian Classics will build your faith in God which you really require in your thick and thin.

For the passionate readers what can be a better companion than a couple of good books to read by their side and kindle comes as a savoir which saves us from boredom when we have to travel long distance. It also comes handy when we want to read at night as some of us prefers to stay up late and read a good book in our cozy bed. Also, when we are relaxing by the beach we can indulge ourselves in the ultimate pleasure by reading our favorites plus you don’t have to worry about the sunglare too as you can opt for anti –glare cover.

These books are dark and sheds light on the truth which is hard to face. Here we short list few Christian Classics books that will keep you engaged.

1.The Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom:

Corrie-ten-Boom-The-Hiding-Place-editedThis book is a must read as this will enhance your faith on almighty in your tough time. Book is about an unmarried middle-aged women who is living simple life with her sister and father in a little house. God used her and her family’s faith and courage to save hundreds of Jews during the second world war2.The book reflects that God is doing his work even at the darkest time.

2.The Screwtape Letters, CS Lewis

The Screwtape Letters, CS LewisAs this book is all about the demon so we expect it to be scary and creepy but it’s also funny. It consist of letters of advice from demon Screwtape to his nephew Wormwood. If you want to explore your spiritual journey from the dark side this book is for you.

  1. Redeeming Love, Francine Rivers:

Redeeming Love, Francine RiversIt is one of the most amazing stories you will ever come across. The story opens with a child sold into prostitution. It showcases the powerful love of God for us.It main aim is to redeem love of God towards sinners.

  1. The Shack, Wm Paul Young

The Shack, Wm Paul YoungIt is the story of a very broken man who struggles with the murder of his six-year-old daughter and eventually embrace God’s love in his tough time.

This Young’s book has the power to wipe away your tears and tell you everything will be good by the God’s grace.

5.Red Moon Rising, Pete Greig:

Red Moon Rising, Pete GreigThis book is about 24:7 Prayer movement. Book predicts various heart-breaking moments where Greig’s wife Sammy’s struggle with cancer and seizures. It also gives you inspiration to pray in your tough times.

6.The Cross and the Switchblade, David Wilkerson.

This is Wilkerson’s best-selling book which is a true story and it is adorned with gangs, drugs, crime, voice and Christian missionaries too. The story displays the life of a man in the 60’s whose live got transformed when he received scary call from God. So if you are willing to do something for God which will turn your life upside down then is a must read for you.

One more book that you can read anytime.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, CS Lewis:

The-Lion-The-Witch-and-the-Wardrobe-cs-lewis-It is a children book which has snow and Father Christmas in it but that doesn’t mean you cannot read it today. It is book that definitely every Christian has read if you haven’t then read it as this book consist of depicts how Jesus sacrifice for humanity.

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