New Kindle device comes with a lot of features but you can also enhance the features of your basic Kindle devices by accessorising them like purchasing a case for your Kindle, a stylus, a power adaptor etc.

The Kindle has been the device that brought a lot more to the table with its enormous features like e-ink display which is gentle on the eyes and not harsh like direct sunlight, long battery life. Although, it is a simple e-reader but it is way ahead of competitors in the world of e-reading plus you get Kindle Help in case you get stuck with some functionality , our technician provide great assistance and get you out of any technical mess.

Are you aware that your ideal device comes with few accessories which will enhance your reading experience. However, Kindle has a slow recharge time and earlier, you were not able to read in the dark but these issues were addressed by the upcoming versions of the Kindle hardware. Well, if you are satisfied with your basic Kindle then no need to update to a new Kindle device. Instead, you can accessorise your Kindle and fix those problems.

A case


Protecting your device becomes necessary as you have spent a lot. There are a lot of Kindle cases available in the market but MoKu is best of them as it is less expensive, thin, light and smart. It is an intelligent cover because the cover part of the case wakes your screen up when you open it and your screen sleeps as you close the cover. This covers both sides of your Kindle and you don’t have to get worried in case you dropped it accidentally. This MoKu Case for Kindle 8th Generation priced at $8.95 and available at Amazon.

A protection plan


If you have accidentally dropped your kindle it’s better to buy gadget insurance which will save you good money and plus your device will remain protected. You can opt for this protection plan from SquareTrade which lets you send your broken Kindle to them and you get your device replaced within two days. This plan covers both either you have dropped your Kindle on the concrete or in the pool. This SquareTrade 2-Year Protection Plan, Plus Accident Protection, for Kindle priced at $19.99 and available at Amazon.

A reading light


If you are night reader then you need sufficient light to carry on your reading, this can be achieved by keeping your lamp on or you can invest in this small clip-on light for your Kindle.You can purchase this iKross Black Dual LED Clip-On Reading Light for $11.99 at Amazon.

A stylus


As New Kindles have touch screens but if you want precise selection like highlighting passages it is worth buying. You can also use this with your touch screen devices. This MarBlue Sleep Stylus comes at $4.39 and is available at Amazon.

A fast charging adapter

This fast charging adapter gives your Kindle a multi-week battery life but you have to recharge it and the whole process can take a while. However, this adapter reduces the charging time to 4 hrs and it can be used to quickly charge any of the Amazon’s portable devices such as Kindle Fire tablets.


If you already have a kindle fire tablet at home and are facing with some technical glitch then at Kindle Fire support we address your request. For other Kindle devices, Kindle com support provides better help. This adapter doesn’t come with MicroUSB cable so you have to buy that’s separate. This fast charging adapter is all you need for continuous reading and on long trips. This 9W PowerFast Power Adapter is available at Amazon for $19.99.