You can now put Parental control on various activities available on your kindle and these controls will restrict your child from making purchases, surfing websites etc.

Kindle Fire with its price range has caught the eye of many people. So, you have purchased a Kindle Fire tablet but you are thinking that how can you resist your child from using this tablet often then all you need is parental controls which will restrict your child while performing various task on your Kindle or you can take Kindle support to enable Parental controls on your device. Read below to understand how to create a parental control on your device.


  1. Foremost, thing go to the top of the screen and click the settings icon and then more.
  2. Now you will be able to see third option as Parental controls. By default these are disabled so select enable to enable it.
  3. Now set the password that your children won’t be able to guess and enter that password again to confirm. Now click finish.

Options on which you can set Parental controls on your Kindle Fire:


Web browser: Change web browser setting from unblocked to blocked and this will prevent your kids from visiting websites.

Password protected Purchases: Set it to “On “and every time before making a purchase form the App shop you will be prompted for password and this will restrict your little ones to purchase books, videos, music, apps etc.

Video Playback protected by password– Once you set it on you will be required to enter a password to play a video.

Block and Unblock Content types: By this setting you will be able to block the Newsstand, Books, Music, Videos, apps etc. However, if you block apps then you and your child won’t be able to access the apps that were previously installed in the device.

Password Protect Wi-Fi: You no longer will require this control as with the new app you are able to disable the content without switching off the Wi-Fi.

If your Kindle Fire device gets into any technical mess then hesitate in taking Kindle Fire support for effective resolution.

In –App Purchases:


You can also prevent in-app purchases. Simply go to the Apps > Store > Settings > Parental Controls .After that click the box to enable Parental controls. Now enter your Amazon credentials or create a 4-digit PIN.

Now head back to settings and click-in –App purchasing and uncheck the box and enter the password. After this you don’t have to worry that your kids might be raising your bill.

Moreover, The Kindle Fire update offer better parental control when it is updated to recent software. However, if you want more strict Parental controls then you can install Kids Place, Kid Mode, and Cloudacl WebFilter.